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Make money by placing banner ads in the text, images and videos of a blog

Most bloggers decide to create their respective blogs because they have the motivation to power earn money with your blogs, they believe that it is possible to make a living from this and go as they struggle to meet their objectives, but we also have to be honest and say that the competition today is really huge so originality must be the differentiating key to stand out.

That is why we recommend that you offer quality and timely content, that is the only way to stand out in this market, and in terms of your monetization desires, because you will simply have to choose innovative programs that allow you to increase your profits to the maximum, and that is where we enter, offering you the best of the best.

Is about Taggify, a recommended platform that allows you to earn money by inserting advertising in any kind of web content that exists, be it photographs, text, videos, internal or external links, or in a combination of all, as they read and view it in the following screenshot .

make money with a blog
This is a company formally established since 2011 and has offices in the countries of the United States, Chile and Argentina, but whose advertising is viable throughout Latin America (except Brazil), Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Southeast Asia, among other regions.

So if, for example, they have a blog where they only publish written articles then they could already use the product called Textify that shows some highlighted keywords from its content and whose ads appear when the visitor hovers the mouse pointer over them. If your blog is full of interesting videos, then the Vidiofy product would be the ideal, if quality images abound then Photofy will offer them ads according to the tastes of the visitors, but if they also have many internal or external links, then Linkify will make these links are converted into money, it is enough that your visitors click on them so that they appear ads for a period of time, then they will be redirected to the pages where they want to be. Finally, if your blogs are a kind of combination of images, text, videos, and many referral links, then the Layerfy product will be great for you, it is a banner that stands out at the bottom of a website and attracts the anyone’s attention.

As you will see, there are many tools that they have at hand so that it will seem easy for them to reach the minimum amount required so that they can claim their payments. This amount is $ 100 and you can get it through PayPal or through Wiretransfer if you were able to earn more than $ 1,000 in a month.

We have found it a very interesting proposal and that is why we send it to you from this blog. They can register and insert the code that they will find within their user accounts. If they want to earn more money they can also take advantage of the affiliate system that this company has. That way they will be able to promote this platform from their blogs and for each new webmaster they attract they will receive 10% of their earnings forever, that’s right, for a lifetime or even when this person decides to close their account.

Another advantage that this new alternative provides is that it is compatible like most advertising programs for web publishers, for example it is compatible with Google AdSense for all those who have already become accustomed to their banners.

There is also a simulator that you can use so that you can see through a preview how your content will look with each of the products that we have presented to you. We tell you that we have already tested it with some blogs that we manage and in truth the results surpass other platforms that have been on the market for a long time.

Finally, we want to tell you that there are several monetization alternatives in a single service, something not very common that we say, you could even use more than one at a time, that depends on you, you may not want to be so intrusive. On the other hand, the ads will appear according to their theme, which will be a complement to their content and not something out of place. Thanks and come back soon.

Link: Taggify