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Main types of successful entrepreneurs

The different types of entrepreneurs They include not only people who decide to stop working for others to start their own project and become independent workers, perhaps with the purpose that in the short or medium term they can become entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are also those people with a flexible mindset, who, being entrepreneurs, decide to grant their employees certain benefits that are difficult to achieve in most companies.

For example, there are entrepreneurs who allow their employees to take a day of their choice or part of it to dedicate it to their own projects even if they are not related to their work.

What are the different types of entrepreneurs

Among the types of entrepreneurs, there are people known as:

  1. Steve Job who was characterized by being a nonconformist entrepreneur, Steve Job was the co-founder of the Apple company, He stood out for being a nonconformist entrepreneur because he did not conform to known work patterns, but with his own vision of work stood out in his era above other companies, which marked a resounding success always focusing on its objectives but in an unconventional way.
  2. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook is the best example of the type of risk-taking entrepreneur, because he does not take much time to think without it meaning that he misfocuses his objectives. In fact, it was a risk that with few sales he took Facebook to the stock market, since Mark Zuckerberg did it, as well as he was involved in the purchase of Instagram, an application that cost him a billion dollars.

The type of risk-taking entrepreneur is one who, when he detects a minimum reward potential, does not hesitate to make his start up may be successful, even though that chance of success is minimal.

  1. The successful entrepreneur can be seen in Oprah WinfreyWell, after starting as a presenter on a Chicago channel, that talk show allowed her to become a woman considered the richest.

These types of entrepreneurs strongly want to reach their goal, but not in any way but by being the best, for which they sacrifice in pursuit of that goal.

  1. The passionate entrepreneur has his best example in Martha Stewart, as Marta has a special passion for lifestyle and home. This passion paved the way for him to get involved in e-commerce.

They are the ones who become obsessed and do not stop focusing on their start up and the mission that led to its creation. In fact, the creation of a start-up fundamentally requires passion and a passion maintained over time, especially when going through difficult times of economic crisis.

  1. The action-oriented entrepreneur like Richard Branson, is the one who does not stop to think, the action-oriented entrepreneur does, undertakes and innovates, because he does not need experience to enter an enterprise.

Richard Branson entered without airline experience like Virgin, only because he detected that the market service needed innovations and to be improved. They are the ones who do not stop, do not stand out for being patient, because their impatience makes them act quickly.

  1. The idea generator entrepreneur like Bill Gates, as the best example, needs no introduction, the co-founder of Microsoft revolutionized the computer industry, which led him to innovate by creating products such as Xbox and Windows.

Generating ideas, the entrepreneur creates projects from storm braining. In this way, innovative, original ideas emerge and are usually carried out as problem solving.

  1. The future-focused entrepreneur has his best example in Elon Mark, the co-founder of Tesla, electric cars and also founder of SpaceX, hints at his passion for the future. It is always on the way to innovation, they are the entrepreneurs who do not focus on the present but on the long-term future.

Types of entrepreneurs

The types of entrepreneurs, show the characteristics of entrepreneurs such as:

  1. Visionaries with their best example in Howard Hughes, the passionate, daring and vocational who quickly reaches his goal.
  2. The investor entrepreneur who is not afraid of the crisis is the entrepreneur who is not afraid of risk.
  3. The entrepreneur by necessity, who is creative, but cautious, acts according to his experience.
  4. The entrepreneur by chance is one who undertakes without fear of adversity and knows how to adapt to innovations. You do not need to get too involved, but with your little decision you can achieve your goal.
  5. The entrepreneur tracker of new opportunities is the one who listens to consumers and, depending on their needs, acts rationally and analyzes all the details to reach the conclusions that allow them to reach the goal.
  6. The persuasive entrepreneur is the one who has the conviction and confidence necessary to carry out their projects, applies persuasion and is not afraid of risk.
  7. The intuitive entrepreneur is that he takes responsibility for carrying out his project, he knows how to get there because he listens to the needs and follows his intuition.

How many types of entrepreneurs are there

There are four types of entrepreneurs:

  1. The builder businessman is one who gets involved in the business world with the aim of taking his company above his competition. They are the typical calculating and cold ones who pursue their goal without caring who they leave behind.
  2. The especialist entrepreneur It is the one who gets involved in an industry that he knows and enters the market even if it is competitive.
  3. The opportunistic entrepreneur, is the speculator and enters a market with the aim of reaching it at the best time to earn as much money as possible.
  4. The innovative entrepreneur, is the one who works investigating with the aim of finding a product that is the basis of another and that this other product is the great business of the moment.

Identification of types of triple impact entrepreneurs

The triple impact entrepreneur is that he gets involved in a project with environmental, social and economic value at the same time.

In general, these are small companies that, without neglecting economics, add a broader and more beneficial concept to their business.

Types of triple impact entrepreneurs

The triple impact entrepreneurs correspond to B companies, a name created by Benefit Corporations. Currently they are companies distinguished by consumers. There are 130 industries considered as B companies and there are around 50 countries with this type of company.

Natura, from Brazil and with its subsidiary in Argentina, is an example of triple impact entrepreneurs