Lowa EBT payment plan | Lowa Food Stamp Payment Dates

In this article you will see the Lowa EBT payment plan This will help you know when your next SNAP payment is due as your EBT card is replenished each month through the electronic benefits transfer system with the amount you were approved for when you applied for Iowa grocery stamps.

Lowa EBT payment plan

The knowloedge Lowa Food Stamp Payment Dates helps you plan your grocery brand purchases from stores that are authorized SNAP dealers. You can check the list of SNAP authorized retailers in this post.

In the state of Lowa, the Department of Human Services is responsible for the SNAP program. It is on this page that we will provide you with detailed information about Iowa grocery stamp payment plan and how it is determined when you will receive your refill each month in Lowa state.

Lowa EBT payment plan 2019

Each month the Food Stamp / SNAP beneficiary in Lowa receives their benefits for the first 10 days based on the first letter of the customer’s last name. See below Payment date of the food stamp for the Lowa EBT card.

First letter of the customer’s last name Benefits available
a or B Available on 1st of month
C or D. Available on 2nd of month
E, F or G. Available on 3approx of month
H or me Available on 4th of month
J, K or L. Available on 5th of month
M, N or O. Available on 6th of month
P, Q or R. Available on 7th of month
S. Available on 8th of month
T, U or V. Available on 9th of month
W, X, Y or Z. Available on 10th of month

I didn’t receive my Iowa SNAP payment

Based on the grocery stamp payment plan above, if you have not received your Iowa grocery stamps for that month and you have passed the payment date listed above, you must contact the appropriate Iowa Human Services Department for the SNAP program. You can also call the contact on the back of your EBT card. This is the same number used to verify your Iowa EBT card balance.

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