Licenses and Permits to Open a Business in California

To open a business in California you will need to find out if you need operating permits and licenses according to the type of business you have decided to undertake, it is known by rule that every business requires some type of license or permission to be able to operate legally.

Many of the establishments for their operation require government permits depending on their location, that is why you must first know the zoning where the establishment where you plan to open your business in the state of California is located.How-to-open-a-business-in-California

What are the requirements to open a business in California United States

For you to be able to process the opening of your business in the county of California USA you must go to the page of This website corresponds to the administration of the state of California and from there you can search by city and type of business you want to open, the search will return the contact information such as telephone numbers for the questions and queries you want to make.

  • How to process your business license in the state of California in the USA?
  • What are the requirements, forms and other documents necessary to open your business and operate legally

The state of California in the USA is the cradle of new businesses. Entrepreneurial enthusiasm is felt in most cities of the golden state, however before seeing your business working the first thing you have to do is process the licenses for your business.

Below we show you the process that will allow you to understand the necessary requirements to obtain a permit in the state and county where you have to start your business.

A.- Register the name of your business, Complete the paperwork and pay the fees required by law, you may need more than one license, this will depend on the type of business you have decided to start.

B.- In case the name you decided for your company or business was previously registered, you will be denied registration, so we recommend that you look for a company name that does not include inappropriate or misleading words or that take a known brand as a reference. . You must provide your full name and that of your business for this process, in this way you ensure that you receive a DBA approval, which is the legal permission for the operation of your business with the assigned name.

C.- If in your business you have to offer additional items or services that are subject to the collection of taxes under the laws of the state of California, you must have the corresponding permission to sell said products or offer these services. In this way, you will be authorized to collect sales tax and will have to report it to the state. To carry out this procedure you must fill out another form and pay a fee.

D.- To practice a profession of care in dental services (dentist), stylist (makeup artist), doctor (doctor), hairdresser, real estate agent or other similar professions you will need to file a professional license to work in the state of California.

The state office will provide you with the corresponding information on the required requirements. You should know that to process the permit for this type of professionals it is necessary to pass a written aptitude test and pay a fee, if you already have a certificate of profession, you would only have to pay the corresponding amount and that would be enough.

AND.- Depending on the county or city where you have to open your business, it will be necessary to have a local license, to know the requirements that you must meet you can find out according to the type of business.

The website you must visit to obtain a legal operating permit for your business in the state of California is the website of