Let’s play with lateral thinking

Let’s forget about logical thinking, we are not worth much for this game, as an example you have the article 5 Business Ideas Who Said They Were Absurd ?, If their promoters had followed the path of logical thinking they would surely not have had such ingenious ideas.

Imagine the case of lottery tickets, to find out what the winning number has been, you have to wait a few days or weeks for the draw to take place. You and I, as in most cases, are impatient people, so why do we have to wait? Can’t I know the result now? That’s what those who invented coupons where you have to scratch to know the prizes instantly must have thought.

Here we have fled from logical thinking, not taking for granted that things should be like this, in this way we get a good alternative to a traditional product and we also manage to innovate.Lateral Thinking

I invite you to do the same, even if only for entertainment, take a product or service and escape from the pre-established by doing one, or a combination, of the following options:

  • Substitute: replace product characteristics or imitate other products: cereals that can be eaten on the street thanks to cereal bars; or dolls that represent women instead of babies as in the case of Barbie.
  • Investing: saying the opposite of a specific feature of the product: for example, it is strange that a dentist recommends chewing gum but many of you have seen the ad.
  • Delete: remove one or more elements of the product, for example in digital cameras it is no longer necessary to carry the film for development.
  • Reorder: consists of altering the sequence in the way of executing the service or enjoying the product, such as the issue of prepaid cards, whether for mobile phones or for shopping centers where we pay in advance.
  • Combine: as its name indicates, it would be a question of mixing two products or services in one, with some of them predominant, very fashionable now, for example in catering establishments: restaurant by day and disco-pub at night; hotel and trade in exclusive products, etc.
  • Exaggerating: exaggerating in a positive or negative way the attributes of a product or service, is like imagining what would be the perfect product: a television channel that broadcasts the same program 24 hours a day, who does not remember Big Brother.

Sure you get an apparently absurd result, but if you give it more lapses it is possible to find a genius, either because we have focused our focus on an aspect that nobody has repaired, or because we have found a quality that we can improve, etc. .

But in any case, it serves as a mental training exercise for future operations.

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