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Learn to work with search engines

When you first start thinking about your website marketing, it is very easy to be fooled into thinking that getting a higher ranking on Google is a game and that you have to resort to trickery to achieve your goal.

The purpose of this article is to teach you why Google shouldn’t be the main focus of your website or article submission marketing efforts.Learn to work with search engines

Interestingly, in order to be successful with search engines, you have to stop making them the primary focus of your internet marketing efforts, because:

=> Google and Bing are not your website visitors.

=> Can’t build a relationship with search engines.

=> Search engines are not interested in becoming your customers.

=> Search engines will not refer you to others after they have had a great experience with you.

Most important of all => Google and other search engines don’t spend money on you!

Don’t get me wrong – it’s important to keep search engines in your peripheral vision and to design and market your site in a way that makes it easy for them to determine what your website is about. Google should not be ignored, but it also certainly should not be the central focus of your work or article marketing efforts.

The marketing material is very good and very convincing. The only problem is that your website doesn’t deliver what the marketing hype promises. In the process of creating an image for your business, you have forgotten that the real people are the ones who actually come and return if their experience has been a very pleasant one.

Create your website (and your articles) To serve your visitors.

What if you take a different approach and build your business to serve your visitors, always trying to give them a better experience and the most favorable impression?

You know that if you’ve built a business that was customer-centric, that has been a real pleasure to visit, and that serves the needs of your customers, then search engines will naturally refer users because your site meets their expectations.

There would be no need to resort to hoaxes or false impressions – all you would have to do is build a business that your visitors please. The rest will fall into place by itself.

Google works that way …

With your website, you need to start focusing your attention on the visitor experience. If you do, your ranking will naturally start to improve.

You still need to promote your site, like anything you want to be known for. The difference is that in creating your website serving your visitors comes first and marketing always follows.

His homework:

1 – Think about what it would mean to you to have a website full of valuable content. If you please your readers, then the search engines will naturally please you too.

two – Market your website with a proven honest marketing technique, such as article marketing. Write articles that serve your readers with useful information. Both your website and your articles should be created with the mindset of adding value to your viewers.

Google is looking for a very simple thing: Web pages that contain high-quality and useful information. It’s a very simple concept: If you want to please Google, your starting point is to think about how you are going to please the people who visit your website and read your articles.

Waters With Google

Google the most important search engine On the Internet, it deals with giving its users and clients the best service through applications such as Gmail, Chrome, Eart, Igoogle, Docs and most of them totally free, etc. And they know that to continue being the number 1 search engine on the Internet they have to provide a lot of quality content, because of this it is constantly making changes and by making these changes many people and companies that advertise through this search engine are affected such is the case of those people or companies that are dedicated to selling electronic or physical products through the affiliate system which consists of sending prospects to the website of the product owner and earning commissions. if the prospect makes a purchase.

This is the case of affiliates who use Adwords to advertise even when you are paying Google for said ads, the change consisted in that Google has canceled many adwords accounts since it no longer accepts websites that only have a landing page that have very little content or no content that only intends to capture the client’s email and later send the prospect to the product owner’s page without said pages containing any content and in some cases the information that the client finds has nothing to do with it. With the search that the client is doing in Google, said Adwords accounts that promote this type of landing pages or websites that Google does not like, many Adwords accounts have been canceled due to this situation.

Google considers this to be a joke for its customers since the affiliate is interested in capturing the customer’s email and subsequently sending it to the seller’s sales page and the customer has wasted time and has not obtained anything they were looking for.

This does not mean that Google is against affiliates, you can use your affiliate link to send it to a landing page or the seller’s sales page as long as they contain the information the customer is looking for.

One of the best solutions is that you use the WordPress platform which is free so that you can give valuable content and can promote the product of the micro-niche that interests you, with WordPress you can make a sales page to promote your product or make all the sites Web you want.

If what you want as a Company is to give your clients a means of finding you on the Internet, and maintain faster contact with your prospects, with this platform you can upload and update your content whenever you want in a simple way without requiring a programmer. I suggest you train and take a simple course with videos where you will learn this and much more about WordPress.