Leadership and teamwork

Most of the modern and competitive companies of today, they need more and more, to integrate within their organizations people leaders, strongly committed to their work, oriented to the achievement of the goals established by the organization and above all, responsible for creating a work environment in which employees remain permanently motivated.

How to create a suitable environment for teamwork?

For this to become a reality, a program of evaluation and development of the skills so that they can perform in the positions that best fit their worker profile, at the same time that teamwork should be the solid base on which all the necessary strategies should be based to guarantee the success of the organization.Leadership and teamwork

Many people often confuse group work with teamwork, when the reality is that they are two different things from each other;

What is group work?

Group work represents that only a fraction of the workers of a company carry out a particular task, without leaving their responsibilities or collaborating with other departments or colleagues; is like the one who usually says “That’s not my job”.

What is teamwork?

Teamwork goes far beyond this perception; It is undoubtedly a useful tool that allows harmony and clearly defined commitments to exist between all the people who work in an organization.

Teamwork should allow everyone to brainstorm ideas to achieve greater results, work with less pressure when dividing tasks, at the same time that responsibilities are shared; These ideas must be cascaded from top to bottom and vice versa so that the information can be fluid and allow the best decision making; This gives individuals a greater sense of belonging and obligation; But the benefits obtained should be reflected through incentives and continuous improvements in the work environment, so that more and more, they can count on committed people with a sense of belonging.

Although sometimes teamwork brings adverse results such as hasty decision making, majority support for a project that is not the most beneficial, or the imposition of the leader in certain tasks, there are more positive than negative results.

When leadership is well exercisedHealthy competition is fostered and the respect and admiration of the work team is won since greater harmony and collaboration are achieved; A good leader cares that his staff grow and develop both in the work and personal sphere; Every good organization must establish growth and continuous development plans in a way that allows it to have a strong internal support base with prepared and trained personnel to carry the organization forward.

1 keys to achieving teamwork