Is It Important To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude?

Why is developing a positive mental attitude so important?

In the long term it allows us to better plan our future, our goals, our activities and in general it allows us to make better decisions. In the short term, a positive mental attitude allows us to respond proactively instead of reacting negatively. Things do not always go as planned, sometimes they are not even close to what was planned, life usually surprises us and sends us something that not only does not we expected, but perhaps we never would have imagined it, and it is precisely when this happens that our attitude becomes a determining factor.

What to do when things don’t go the way we expect? We can respond positively or react negatively, these are the only two options, and every day we are faced with a multitude of decisions that confront us with these same two options and the way we decide to respond determines that we rise above our circumstances whatever they be they, or let us be crushed by them.positive mental attitude

What is positive mental attitude itself?

Each one will have its definition and some people mistakenly think that having a positive attitude is like seeing everything rosy, pretending that everything is fine, ignoring even problems that may be afflicting them and that need to be corrected.

The first thing we are going to do is separate the fiction from the reality of having a positive mental attitude and second share some precepts that will help us develop a positive attitude in our life. There are many closed ideas about the positive mental attitude, first of all it is important to keep in mind that there is nothing magical or supernatural about this principle, indeed, your attitude, no matter how positive it may be, will not miraculously solve the problems or obstacles that you may be facing. Facing, it is not related to mysterious powers or occult sciences, it is not acquired by decorating the house with pyramids or sleeping with quartz stones under the pillow or using magnetic bracelets or jewelry. Maintaining a positive mental attitude to a problem or a difficult situation does not change the reality of that problem, it does not eliminate it or make it disappear. What it does do is that it determines the effect that this situation may have on the life of the person who is facing it and that is what is truly important.

We return to the definition. What is a positive mental attitude? It is nothing more than the correct mental attitude for each specific action. The important thing is not the problem but the attitude we take towards it.

One of the most popular misconceptions about positive mental attitude is the belief that it will allow you to do whatever you want, that if you focus and think positively you can achieve anything you want, which is totally absurd. A positive mental attitude will not allow you to do anything, nor will it make you the fastest, nor the most intelligent and the strongest, nor will it eliminate all your problems but it will allow you to do everything much better than a negative attitude and that is the only truth about it. A positive mental attitude will give you the opportunity to make the most of your potential and obtain the best results, it will allow you to use your abilities more effectively, and it will also help you avoid things over which you have no control and that affect you negatively.

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