Is it illegal not to have the Opening License?

The opening license provided by the municipality is mandatory in order to have a premises or an office for any type of commercial operations. This license is simply a document that will certify that you meet all the conditions and qualifications to maintain that place. This document is given only to the owner of the place to carry out one activity at a time, if it changes they should change the opening license, or when there are important modifications (such as a change of signature).

You should check with the town hall before you can, taking into account the requirements, use them as a filter.

For those who wonder if it is illegal not to have an opening license, we will answer yes.

It is necessary so that we can have a store, office or whatever we want to open. There are, however, activities that are exempt from opening licenses, such as professional, artisan or artistic activities that are carried out in the home and that do not have direct attention or sales to the public there. They will be exempt as long as they do not represent a nuisance to your neighbors.

Verifying the opening license of a store will save you money

To avoid those costs that we did not have in mind, you must first make sure that the place meets the requirements that correspond to the license: / You should do it before renting or buying, so as not to waste money or have to invest more than expected. You could make sure even if it was that a similar activity was previously carried out, because the rules are changing and you could make a mistake. It is necessary to do a repetition: inquire first with the town hall.

The costs involved in the opening license have two components: on the one hand, city ​​hall fees and on the other, the technical report or project.

City council fees are calculated based on each location and the size of the place, the importance of the place in terms of its location and the type of activity that will be practiced. For qualified activities, the rates are higher. It should be remembered that from one town hall to another there is a variation in costs.

The report or technical project will depend on its complexity and the price of the professional or the organization that prepares it. It varies from 600 to 1,000 euros, approximately, for safe activities and more or less double for qualified activities. You have to know that the projects that need works or special permits will cost more, and may even reach 10,000 euros: O

Types of existing opening licenses

There are two types of existing licenses according to the inconvenience or damage that they could represent for the people close to the office: the innocuous and the qualified ones.

The former are those that do not generate significant annoyances, have no impact on the environment, damage to public property or any risk to people. A safe activity can be, for example, the sale of clothing. On the other hand, licenses for qualified activities are granted to places that are considered annoying, harmful or dangerous or that require the adoption of certain health or safety measures.

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