Interesting tool to create free event pages online

In our days there are always going to be entrepreneurs who have something that promote, perhaps your products, your services, or perhaps large attendance events such as plays, art exhibitions, concerts, sports celebrations or meetings for social support purposes, etc. And surely you are aware of it and quite possibly you have had to organize one in particular, for yourself, for your family or for your acquaintances or friends, that is typical.

But the real problem does not lie in the human being’s willingness to help or to do business, the problem is how to make this event known and have the relevance that it is wanted to give it. For that we introduce you to Fikket, a tool that helps us create free event pages online to be able to promote them all over the web in a simple way.

It is really easy to use it because in the first place we will not have to download anything, it is completely online and we will practically have an automated registration page for events open to the general public at any time of the day, every day of the year. With this we only have to worry about the organization of the event itself since this program will be in charge of managing and administering the interested reservations.

What happens is that perhaps when we carry out some type of event, people usually make calls or send too many emails, either to request reports, to find out about the time and place where it will take place, in short, all of that is given to us. We will save thanks to an innovation like Fikket.


Perhaps the main advantage of using this event page creation platform is the time saving, both for the creation itself, which can quietly be a few minutes of your time, and to avoid interruptions from people about some kind of additional information. We can also promote our page on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., it is valid at all times, we can download the lists of participants, it is available for any type of events such as seminars, trainings and university courses, For congresses, and all kinds of business meetings, we can configure our own discount codes to attract more people.

But the design aspect is not far behind either, and it is that although it is free, we can have a very complete tool that could help you more than we think, for example, we can customize the background color, we can include the logo of our company, if we wish we will charge online because it accepts the main credit cards, PayPal or Ogone, or perhaps you prefer to charge in the traditional way, we will not have to worry about the invoices since the program will generate them in a Automatic, there are no printing costs since tickets are sent by e-mail, and if we have to organize more than one event, since each one will have its own page, there is no limit for it.

Well so far everything is going well, but at least you will have to make a minimum of effort to edit said page by writing all the data of the event in question such as placing a description, the date, the place, the address, the capacity, etc., of so that you can convince a much wider audience because no one will go to a place that little or nothing is known about, you don’t think so.

Finally mention that your events page can be established under your domain or integrated into your website, that you have to discuss with the creators of this great business program.

Honestly, it is not bad to be free and you may want to use it, there is also a demo so that you can see how your new project would be under this platform, good luck in your venture or in your share of helping others.

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