Insurance benefits and risks with HDI Seguros

You are interested in buying your coverage in hdi insurance, but you still don’t know what the benefits and risks are? Well, they are important aspects that you need to reveal before deciding on your purchase as well as knowing something more about the insurance company and what products it can offer you.

Safe HDI Products

hdi insurance It provides you with several products with an important scope so that all those who need an insurance policy acquire the coverage they need, for example:

HDI in my company

It is the insurance coverage that your company needs to protect your investment, maintenance and also obtain coverage in the event that third parties are involved in a claim in your company.

In other words, you will always be protecting your investment, including your clients or suppliers, since the coverage extends to possible damages suffered by your equipment or machinery.

When your clients are inside your facilities they are protected against any accident that occurs in the building.

If your facilities suffer from a theft, everything that is inside will be covered, therefore the merchandise and raw material obtain coverage against theft.

Even in the event of an explosion or a short circuit that damages the facilities and all the equipment or machinery, you can enjoy peace of mind because you know that the policy you purchased provides coverage.

The luminous signs and the windows of the facilities also obtain coverage, therefore if there is a failure in the electrical power or an accident while everyone is leaving the facilities you do not worry because you know that the insurance policy extends to this type of accident .

In the same way, if when you leave the establishment there is a fire, the property with all its contents and its infrastructure remains insured.

It also provides assistance for your company with glass, plumbing, electricity and locksmith services.

In the event that your company has perishable products that obviously need to be kept in equipment in good condition, the insurance extends to the care of those equipment so that you can always keep your products.

It offers you additional coverage for your business, for example against hydrometeorological phenomena, a volcanic eruption or an earthquake.

You can apply for insurance for your butcher shop, your pharmacy or your grocery store.

Your clients will remain safe with their protection in the event of w they suffer a theft while they are in your establishment, since the insurance policies extend to protect the purchases of your clients and themselves as persons.

Hdi home insurance

Perhaps you think that you do not own and are simply renting a house or apartment, it does not matter because you can keep your rental or purchased home protected for a value less than what you can pay for your car insurance.

If your home was robbed while you were working outside of it, your insurance policy will help you get all your stolen things back to your home.

For example, you can get a refund for money or electronic products that were stolen from you.

You get protection inside and outside your home, since your policy extends to your belongings such as your laptop or your mobile phone and you can also get assistance for executive travel.

You get protection for your whole family regardless of whether they suffered an accident outside your home and you will even have dental coverage and medical assistance.

Hdi auto insurance

1.If you suffer the theft of your car, do not worry because the insurance provides you with a substitute car for 7 days so that you do not get stuck without a vehicle.

  1. With this insurance you will always keep your car in the best conditions by repairing it at the agency, with an aesthetic waxing, with the replacement of auto parts, with a wheel and tire insurance and protection against the loss or theft of keys.
  2. You get free services such as mechanical assistance, painting and body repair, in the event that the accident causes you serious injuries, you receive medical attention with cosmetic surgery if you require it.
  3. When you go to a social gathering, you don’t worry about what you drink because you can enjoy with your friends without thinking that you have to drive later because hdi takes you home.
  4. If your car suffered total loss or total theft or material damage, you submit the documentation that proves what happened and you will receive an electronic transfer to your bank account as insured in two business days and for each day of delay in the transfer you will receive a payment of 1000 pesos Mexicans.
  5. As long as your car is insured in hdi without interruption of time, you get the paint and body repair service that repairs your car by accident and if you are not satisfied with the repair, your car will return to service until you are satisfied.
  6. You get roadside assistance including gasoline, tow truck, tire change, mechanical assistance and power supply. All this with a limit of 3 times a year if your car has a private use or 2 times a year if it has a commercial use.

Hdi insurance Mexico

Transportation insurance

  1. If you have a transport company, the merchandise can be augured during the journey regardless of the size of the merchandise you transport, it can be from the smallest to the most voluminous and you can insure it including heavy machinery.
  2. The merchandise is insured during its transfer by land, by sea or by air.
  3. By land, the merchandise is insured against theft, overturning of the transport vehicle and its collision.
  4. If the merchandise is transported by train, it will be protected in the event of derailment, explosion or fire.
  5. If the merchandise is transported by air, it will be protected from the beginning of the transport in the event of explosion, fire or fall of the plane.
  6. If the merchandise travels by sea, it will be insured until it is unloaded at the port of destination or dock. While traveling by sea you are insured in case of explosion, fire or sinking of the ship. The merchandise is insured against partial or total theft, if it gets wet or breaks.

Hdi insurance customer service

To communicate with the customer service of hdi insurance you can call 01 800 0000 434 or to HDI (434)

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