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ING, online bank without commissions

Ing direct Spain is the institution with a branch in the Spanish territory, famous for the products it offers such as: account without payroll, payroll account and orange account without commission.

On the other hand, it is distinguished by offering customers the products offered by any traditional bank but with the lowest costs compared to other banks.

In fact, it is an online bank that made a revolution in the banking market with offers with the highest benefits and thus forced other financial institutions to adapt to its advantageous conditions. Thus improving services for users.

Loans ing direct Spain

Ing direct Spain makes available to users very competitive loans without commissions and with a low interest for both companies and individuals and even for the self-employed.

It is an online banking that allows the contracting of loans without commission with a lower interest than that of traditional banking.

Debit and credit card ing

The customer who owns an account without payroll or payroll can have debit or credit cards for free. In other words, these cards have no renewal cost or issuance fee and are even always free over the years.

Both cards are from the 4B network, therefore the user can withdraw money at any ATM in Spain and does not pay commissions.

The cards stand out for being free every year, they have anti-fraud protection, they are operable in a wide network of ATMs and free.

Credit cards ing

  1. Credit cards are free. As a user, you do not pay commission when you request an additional card or several, you do not pay for the renewal and you do not pay for the issuance of the card.
  2. Credit cards can be used to buy what the user wants, whether it be a drink in a bar or restaurant or a trip, as they can be used in a wide network of establishments on the internet and in the world.
  3. The anti-fraud protection of ing cards means that they can be used for online purchases without worry and with complete peace of mind.
  4. In the event that the user loses the card or it is stolen, there is a money recovery guarantee. In this sense, the service provision contract informs about the responsible use to be applied in the case of fraudulent use, loss of the card or theft of it.
  5. It is possible to withdraw money from 44 thousand ATMs and always without commissions.
  6. It also has an expense control system on the web so that you can control the movements you make with your cards.

When you buy in an online store you have the peace of mind of:

  1. When you buy in an online store, it has the MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by VISA distinctive, as you receive a text message on your mobile phone with a security key to complete your purchase.
  2. You have the iupay online wallet for online purchases, so it is not necessary to provide your card details. You only need the username and password and with only this information you can make the payment safely and without any additional cost.

Benefits ing direct Spain

1.With ing direct Spain accounts flexibility in payment, because you can choose the method that best suits you, for example payment at the end of the month without additional cost or you can pay in monthly installments choosing the fee you want with a 20.05TIN: 22% APR.

  1. If you make purchases that exceed 90 euros you can close your purchases in 3, 6. 12 and 18 months with an interest of 14.06% NIR: 15% APR.
  2. Also, with your card you can make payments for electricity, gas, insurance and taxes.
  3. Regarding security and to control your expenses, you will receive a free message to your mobile phone when the purchase you make is greater than 50 euros when your expenses reach the value that you indicate.
  4. You can prepare your trip with the credit card and you will obtain travel accident insurance with coverage of up to 120 thousand euros for you if you are the holder and for those who are insured on the card.

Orange Account

1.With an Orange account, your savings obtain a return of 0.05% APR and the interest generated is credited to your Naranja card every month.

  1. When you withdraw your money you can do it at any time and you do not lose a penny of the profitability it has generated, since the money in your Naranja account continues to generate interest.
  2. The postage costs, the expenses for notes, the expenses for depositing the check, the expenses for transfers in the same day, the expenses of maintaining the account have no commissions or cost of expenses.
  3. There are no conditions, as there is no minimum amount to enjoy the benefits, therefore you can open your Naranja account with a single euro and start saving.
  4. You don’t even have to change your bank, since you can deposit or withdraw money from your account at another bank at no cost.
  5. In addition to this, your Orange account has a digital advisory service to help you make your money more profitable.
  6. You will be able to receive a personalized proposal for free and in this way it will be easy for you to save and you will continue to have the help you need when you request it, because you will only have to tell the digital advisor what your objective is, you will answer the questions that he will ask you because he needs to know you and provide you with a proposal and with the data that you provide it will help you to control the evolution of your money.

Mini Orange Account

The Mini Naranja account is the account for your children, also without commissions or expenses and for ing clients.

With this account, your children learn to save, benefiting from the advantages of the Orange Account.

It is an educational and easy way for your children to start saving and obtain a return of 0.05% APR.

Your children’s savings will be available when you need it, for example to travel abroad for your end-of-course trip or for the payment of university tuition and even if it is necessary for the driver’s license, You will always have the amount of money needed and the rest will continue to generate profitability without commissions and without expenses.