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Infinity insurance offers a wide variety of services among which the most stand out are: life insurance, auto insurance, short and long-term retirement funds, travel insurance, professional disability insurance, special risks, health funds educational opening of international bank account, export credit, cargo, errors and containers.

Who is the insurance company owned by? Is it from Kemper? Is it possible that you have the insurance number? If you want full coverage, do you know what covers you? And if after buying the insurance you want to cancel it, do you know how to do it?

Well, you can solve all these doubts with the information that you will read below:

Services offered by infinity insurance

Infinity insurance offers a diversity of insurance, all of them reported on its website in accordance with the Affordable Care Act, for example:

  1. Health insurance: It offers group and individual health insurance. All of them with international medical coverage. They are plans provided by companies such as BMI, BUPA, Best Doctors, Vumi and IMG.

These companies provide health coverage up to age 90. The medical coverage is unlimited for one million, five million and ten million dollars.

It includes medical insurance with coverage for maternity, in extreme situations, organ transplants, consultations and repatriation of mortal remains.

  1. Travel insurance: It has coverage for 100% of the expenses of hospitalization, of the services of a doctor, outside the hospital or of a specialist doctor.
  • 1st.- Coverage for prescription drugs.
  • 2nd.-Coverage for ambulance expenses.
  • 3rd.- Coverage for evacuation expenses.
  • 4th.- Coverage for the accompaniment.
  • 5th.- Coverage for the return trip to the country of origin.
  • 6th.- Coverage for medical expenses for sports activities.
  • 7th.- Coverage for the continuation of the trip after the treatment if you receive the pre-approval of the company.
  • 8th.- Coverage up to $ 2,500 for expenses in chiropractic or physiotherapeutic treatment.
  • 9th.- Coverage up to $ 300 for expenses in provisional palliative dentistry.
  • 10th.- Coverage up to 300 dollars a day or up to 6000 dollars for accommodation, food and transportation for you as an insured if due to an acute injury or illness you cannot continue with your trip. The coverage extends to the people who accompany you.
  1. Professional disability insurance: It offers monthly compensation according to the terms provided by the plan.
  2. Total compensation when the time provided for in the plan is fulfilled, discounting the advance.
  3. You get back 50 or 100% of what you paid when the 10 or 20 years of the plan were completed.
  4. Educational funds: It offers you an educational plan built by Premier Trust according to your needs and abilities.
  5. Short and long-term retirement funds: These are plans offered by Investors Trtust Assurance SPC and Premier Trust for the preservation and construction of your economic independence

Is Infinity Insurance Kemper Owned?

  1. Want to know Is Infinity Insurance owned by Kemper ?, as Kemper Copr acquired Birmingham-based Infinity Property and Casualty Corp.
  2. This acquisition was made in shares valued at 1.4 million dollars and in cash.

Infinite insurance number (800) 782-2040

If you wonder Can I have the infinite insurance number? Because you need to communicate with the company, you can do it in these ways:

  1. has online chat.
  2. They can also reach you by phone by calling (800) 782-2040.
  3. If you prefer, you can write an email to [email protected]

4. Instead of writing an email you can write your message and mail it to: PO Box 830189, Birmingham AL 35283.

  1. If you want to send a FAX you can also do it to the Infinty auto FA number at (205) 803-8080.

What does the full Infinity coverage cover?

Do you know what does the full coverage of Infinity cover?Well, first of all you should know that it is considered the largest non-standard insurance company in the United States:

  1. It offers you coverage as a high-risk driver when other insurers will mostly not cover you as a driver with bad credit, a poor driving record, or an SR-22.
  2. Offer policies at companies like State Farm or Nationwide.
  3. It offers you the decent classic car insurance intended for you if you are a driver looking for insurance for your classic or vintage car.
  4. Infinity’s full coverage works as an extension of collision coverage, actually combining comprehensive insurance with liability insurance and collision insurance.
  5. Then thanks to liability insurance you will cover the costs of repairs and injuries to the other party in an accident in which you are at fault.
  6. Collision insurance covers you for damage to your vehicle in a collision if you are at fault, but it will not cover the other party or their vehicle or injuries they may have suffered.
  7. Comprehensive insurance will cover the damages to your vehicle when they have not been caused by collision but by theft, weather, fire and weather.
  8. Therefore, there are three types of insurance in a complete package, but everything will depend on the policy limit and the deductible amount that you decide.
  9. You can also choose additional coverage such as gap insurance, underinsured motorist, or uninsured motorist.
  10. Keep in mind that the more coverage you choose, the greater the total cost of your insurance policy.
  11. However, insurance costs have many variables including your age, your location, your driving history, your deductible, the type of policy you choose, and the policy limit.

How do I cancel my Infinity insurance?

  1. If, after looking for an insurance company that offers you coverage according to your needs and budget, you suddenly wonder How do I cancel my Infinity insurance? there is an easy way by contacting customer service.
  2. To cancel your insurance you must call: 1-800-463-4647, but before canceling, you should always be sure that you have contracted other insurance to avoid the jump in premiums.

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