Indicators or break points that indicate that you can make a living from an online business

When we begin to carry out online actions with the aim of generating results, there is a before and after in this journey, let’s say that a breaking point in which for different reasons awakens in us a feeling, a different level of security than before. of what happened we were not aware.

Although when we start we do it with putting the maximum of ourselves, it is only after this breaking point that I am talking about occurs, when we can truly glimpse that living on the Internet is totally possible.

In this article I want to talk to you about these situations, moments that make us reach a higher level of self-esteem; It is true that for each entrepreneur it is different, but nevertheless the breaking points of which I am going to talk to you are those that are repeated with the greatest frequency.indicators-or-break-points

Tipping points that give you a glimpse that living off the Internet is real.

Every day we listen to stories, we attend webinars that tell us about strategies, resources, skills, training plus training, but until an entrepreneur does not work to produce these breaking points, his idea of ​​living off the Internet is still in its infancy.

Let’s talk about some of the most common turning points among entrepreneurs:

– When you can post something online

Possibly this is the most common, since at the beginning we are used to looking for information and reading articles on blogs, but when we write that first article and publish it, that is another step, a step in which you begin to acquire the confidence that It tells you that you too can create value, you can create content.

For someone who wrote their first article a long time ago, it may not seem like anything from another world, however when we are starting it marks a milestone in our life.

– Your first sale

We hear that millions move on the Internet, that online companies, that some online sites make thousands of dollars, we can understand that, but until our PayPal or ClickBank account, for example, shows that we have profits, and we do not I speak here of earnings of thousands of dollars, only if your account shows 10 or 20 dollars that you earned thanks to a promotion of a product for example; Only then can we be sure that the Internet can sustain your life; Of course, there is much to be done, but the first step has already been taken.

– When you reach financial goals

Another stage is when you draw up a plan and set clear objectives in it, and after firm and constant work on it, you manage to generate the income that you had proposed; undoubtedly your confidence level rises greatly.

I consider that the most difficult stage in every entrepreneur is at the beginning, when he takes the step of hearing that income is generated by generating it, by having the money in his hands; The following is not to say that it is easier, but with dedication, passion and constant action taking online earnings will gradually become a part of your life.

– The first time you manage to withdraw money at an ATM

The first time I managed to withdraw money from an ATM in my city, after leaving there, it seemed like I could face anything in my life. Without a doubt, having the money you have earned with online actions in your hands, feeling the paper in your hand, really takes you to another level.

Creating an online business is an important event in our lives and it is not something that happens overnight, changes and improvements take place progressively, often with ups and downs, but the important thing is to have the conviction that we are doing what we want to do with our lives, if we persevere in this, we can go very far, in fact we already go much further than those people who never start out of fear of losing or that this is a scam (One of the greatest fears that online entrepreneurs struggle with when starting out).

– When you achieve certain numbers of subscribers

Your list of subscribers is also another factor that allows you to take a leap and go to another level, since over time you will notice that your list is the group of people with whom you can interact the most or to whom you can offer the most value.

Before having your own list you can generate income, there are business models in which you can generate income without creating a list, however you cannot create something that is more than important on the web, this is a relationship of trust and credibility with the people.

– When you start to have followers on your social profiles

When people start to follow you on social networks like Facebook, thanks or because of the valuable information you publish, it is also another indicator that shows you that you are making progress, you may not yet generate great profits, however you have shown that the information you are creating is of value and can help other people.

– When you receive emails thanking you for your help or contribution of value

A more important breaking point is when you are contacted by other people, subscribers, readers, people who are part of your social profiles, etc.

This situation in itself has no comparison, the fact that they contact you directly to thank you, ask you for some kind of help or even with suggestions means that you are really participating in the life of another person.

Create relationships with entrepreneurs who are on the same page

Engaging in conversation, creating friendships with other people who are also in the same way as you are, is another moment that also marks a before and after in your business or online life.

Generally, I can confirm that many times in online businesses you manage to have more virtual friends than personal friends or with whom you can meet daily in your home or city.

Internet businesses are a lifestyle, before I could tell you that it is for everyone, now I can only tell you that it is for those people who dare to take their lives in their hands and not delegate responsibilities to someone else. themselves.

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