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Increase your sales by advertising on the Internet

If you want to advertise your business, do it through a virtual showcase where you can purchase products and services at low cost.


Promotion and discount sites are in fashion, so portals such as Groupalia are one of the options that the Internet gives you to sell products or services at low cost, thus increasing your online advertising Y sales.

And is that this type of website consists of a kind of virtual catalog in which consumers search online and find discount coupons in beauty treatments, theater, dinners in luxurious restaurants, trips, etc. which generally have high costs, but here they have discounts of up to 90%.

Advertise your business in this type of virtual shop windows Online is a way for associated companies to display their services and products, attracting a greater number of potential customers who will undoubtedly become regular consumers of a certain brand or company, which in turn gains prestige.

Guaranteed security

These websites guarantee security through data protection law and transactions are certified by Confianza Online and VeriSign, which allow users to pay with their credit cards reliably.

How do these virtual shop windows work?

An example of these portals is Groupalia, which works as follows:

– You have to enter, select the city of origin, complete some personal information and finally the portal will send an e-mail with incredible discounts and exclusive offers.
– To purchase a product or service, all you need to do is click on the “Buy” option and enter your credit card details.
– Discounts are valid only if the minimum number of people required by the brand is reached. For example, if 50 people are required to purchase a spa treatment and the goal is reached, then the discount can be redeemed.

Are you interested in advertising your business on the Internet? If you have, have you managed to increase your sales?