Increase sales by moving your business to the Internet

Internet is a platform for multiple opportunities which is constantly growing, but despite the fact that this has already been confirmed by many entrepreneurs around the world, there are many others who have not yet dared to make the leap to the web.

But somehow they couldn’t be left behind so innovations like Idetiendas it would fall in a thousand wonders. It is the new online shopping center aimed especially at small and medium-sized companies that allows them to be able to sell those same products and services that they offer only to a very reduced audience to a more extensive one through the Internet.

It seems to me a good proposal that brings with it many benefits for companies, entrepreneurs or freelancers because this company is in charge of the sale in its entirety, that is, the distribution of the product and the respective collection of the money.

increase sales by moving your business to the Internet
So if you decide to move your business to the Internet via Yodetiendas, then the only thing you should focus on is publishing what you offer (title, description, prices, discounts, shipping cost, etc.), the promotion and the update of your virtual store provided by this same company.

So depending on what you do, you can appear in the sections: products, services or discount coupons. And to be more relevant within this portal, they recommend that you use their rating system that customers can do in two ways: the first is when a budget is requested about, for example, the prices of products or services, quality, stock, what level of confidence there is, etc., and it is what matters most to be better positioned; and the second is made up of the comments that customers make about what you sell and their shopping experience.

So it would be good if you always update your sales page with news about your business, upload quality photos, you can place new products in your storefront, you could also consider promoting your profile or your store through social networks, quickly answer requests of budgets and, of course, you can ask that the clients themselves value you to increase your reputation.

To summarize, you could start selling in just 5 simple steps: upload your products, they take care of selling for you, they collect the product from your store, deliver it to the customer, and they pay you 7 days after the sale is produced. which will keep you up to date by sending you messages via e-mail or SMS.

You will not have to pay anything, only a 7.5% commission for each successful transaction, you win and they win too.

This initiative can be taken advantage of by those businesses that cannot compete with large corporations but that always work to get ahead, providing a good deal and original products to your consumers. Available for Spain.


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