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Improve your business idea by creating geolocated shopping catalogs

Currently, the majority of people, before making a purchase, are informed about everything related to the product they are going to purchase, in this way it is fulfilled that the due process is done first. research online and then buy offline, although it also applies to businesses established only on the web.

In itself, now we see how potential clients are more informed so as not to get a bad experience as has happened to all of us at some time. That is why Tending has devised an innovative solution and it is his offer to be able to create shopping catalogs to be viewed on the Internet, in this way, before buying, future customers will be able to view all the available stores according to their proximity as well as being able to buy products to stay with the best offers , prices, promotions or discounts.


The system is simple, first you have to register your business, then you will start creating your catalog in a way that shows the best of your business and sufficient and clear information so that customers can reach your company easily, Remember that this is a service that works with geolocation and that it is currently only available for Spain.

Once created, the potential customer will have to use the Tiendeo search bar using the name of the product of interest or trying the name of the brand or store. Later the system will show you the specific results or if you like you can browse through the various categories such as fashion, supermarkets, banks, sports, travel, opticians, books, etc. As you will see, it is mostly about physical products.

At all times Tiendeo will show the catalogs ordered according to their validity and the distance to the nearest store. On the other hand, if you do not want to carry out any search because you do not have the time, then you can leave them your e-mail to subscribe to their alert system so that you are always aware of the latest published catalogs.

We can also enjoy this idea to improve our business from our terminals with Android or iOS (iPhone and iPad).

As you may have noticed, the creation of these shopping catalogs is a comfortable, effective and ecological way of informing us before making our usual purchases.

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