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Ideas To Make Money…. A Christian sex shop

eroticismGLove, eroticism and sex were created by God. With this argument the Dutch Protestant expat Marc Angenent has created on the Internet a “sex shop” for Christians, an idea to do business and money unique in Europe that approaches “eroticism without pornography” from a “religious” point of view.

The innovative sex shop is an idea that has gone from sermons to erotic fantasies. Taking into account that “love, eroticism and sex have been created by God and offered to people”, it will be necessary to give it an important place in our lives,

“The Garden of Love” is the name under which “hundreds of erotic products” are offered with a “subjective” perspective, which apparently the businessman with his innvodora business idea to earn money it will appeal to the “majority of Christians.”

The idea is that Christian conservatives can access these products without having to look at pornographic images, nude photos, or aggressive and vulgar language.

Business idea on: