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How you should ask your wife if you are an American resident

Yes I am an American resident and I want to ask my wifeAs a green card holder it is possible to help the fiancée to obtain permanent residence.

One option is through marriage, which if it takes place abroad it is necessary to present the Immigrant Petition by Alien Relative for Spouse and upon approval of the petition, the United States consulate or embassy will process the spouse to obtain an immigrant visa and may enter the United States as a permanent resident.

Options if I am an American resident and I want to ask my wife

The first option you read is one of the easiest and fastest if I am an American resident and I want to ask my wife, but you have other options, for example:

  1. While the fiancée is abroad, it is possible to file the petition at the United States consulate or it can also be done at the USCIS office in the United States or abroad, it is only necessary to consult the consulate to obtain information. faithful because each country has its own specifications.
  2. Another option is that if the fiancée is in the United States with a legal temporary status but in another state and wants to marry in the United States, they can marry by filing the immigrant petition of either of the couple and then some additional requirements must be met. for adjustment of permanent residence status in the United States.
  3. The fiancee visa is another option. If the fiancée is abroad and wants to marry in the United States or either of the couple is in the United States and wants to leave and then return and marry, the fiancée visa works to obtain permanent residence for the fiancee and admits that enter the US territory with a range of 90 days for the preparation of the marriage ceremony.

After the marriage, the already married fiancée can apply for permanent residence and remain in the United States. With this option, the US citizen will submit a petition for a fiancée to the USCIS and if it is approved it will be sent to the US consulate or embassy that is closest to where the fiancée lives and finally the consulate or embassy will ask the US citizen to present the application. of royal fiancee visa.

My husband is a resident, can he ask me as his wife to obtain the Visa?

In the same way I am an American resident and I want to ask my wife, a husband who is a resident can ask his wife, if this is your case:

  1. Submit form I-130, signed and with the corresponding fee for foreign relative, and form I-485 for the registration of permanent residence or adjustment of status.
  2. Present the green card.
  3. Copy of the civil marriage certificate.
  4. Copy of all death certificates, divorce decrees or annulment decrees that can show that your and your spouse’s previous marriages have already ended.
  5. Photos of your spouse and yours by following the photo instructions on Form I-130.
  6. Certificates of name changes, it can be a marriage certificate, adoption decrees, judicial proof of name change or divorce decree.
  7. Proof of status with a copy of your US passport or a copy of the consular report of birth abroad or a copy of the birth certificate in the United States or a copy of the citizenship certificate.
  8. If you are a permanent resident and you have your green card, you prove your status with a copy of the front and back of the I-1551 form or with a copy of your foreign passport with the stamp that shows your permanent residence.

I am an American citizen and I want to ask my wife (What should I do?)

Again, I am an American resident and I want to ask my wife, how do I handle myself? you will ask yourself again and again. These are the requirements:

For a visa to be issued it is necessary to meet certain requirements:

  1. The American citizen must have a stable job in the United States.
  2. The salary must be higher than the minimum required for the green card.
  3. The fiancé visa.
  4. The marriage visa in process.
  5. Income must be sufficient for a calendar year for tax returns to show more than the required minimum.
  6. The type of work is important to demonstrate stability.
  7. An income just above the minimum required is not as stable as a higher income level.
  8. A seasonal job is less stable than a full-time job
  9. Unemployment earnings added to a new job can demonstrate stability.
  10. When applying for the fiancé visa, the income is proven when the process is finished.
  11. When applying for the marriage visa, the income is proven 6 months after sending the presentations that gave rise to the process.
  12. Proving welfare income will disqualify the applicant from becoming a permanent resident.

I am an American citizen and I want to ask my wife and children

The children are immediate relatives, who can become legal permanent residents and have their green card if they are single and under 21 years old and are children of a United States citizen.

How long does the paperwork take for a resident spouse?

As for the time it takes for the resident spouse, they change depending on several factors, but on average, to have the fiancé visa it is 6 or more months and to obtain the green card it is from three to 6 months or sometimes more.

This delay time includes all of the following process:

  1. The process begins with the mailing of the I-129F form to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, that is, by mail to the USCIS.
  2. After approval, the immigrant must send the visa application online.
  3. Then the immigrant must attend the interview at a consulate.
  4. You can then be approved for the fiancé visa and enter the United States.
  5. The immigrant has up to 90 days to carry out the marriage and apply for a green card at the USCIS office.
  6. The immigrant must be fingerprinted.
  7. You will then attend an interview for green card approval.