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How to write a vehicle sale contract in word

A vehicle sale contract Word it is very easy to write it. But first of all it is important that when establishing it you know that you will be making a bilateral agreement, that is, between two parties, on the one hand the seller or seller and on the other hand the buyer or buyer. In a previous article we published how to endorse a car invoice.

As of its signature, each of the parties will have rights and obligations to fulfill. Understanding the main essence of the contract, then you can begin to know how to do it with the information that you will read below:

How to make a vehicle sale contract in Word?

Understanding that a vehicle sale contract Word It is established as a bilateral agreement and that the selling party is the one obliged to deliver the vehicle and the other party, the buyer, is the person who is obliged to make the payment according to the price established in the contract, then …

  1. Open on your computer Microsoft Word and from the File tab choose New and on the right side you will see a Create button, click on it.
  2. A new sheet of Word will open for you to start the drafting of the sale contract, which is also called transfer.
  3. Write centered as title vehicle sale contract
  4. At the bottom left and leaving two spaces write In (city)) on (days) of (month) of (year) they appear on the one hand:
  5. In the following line: Name of the seller), of legal age (age), of nationality (indicate the nationality of the seller), (write the seller’s civil status) of occupation or profession (write the occupation or profession of the seller), with national identity card number (write the number of the national identity card of the seller), domiciled at (write the seller’s domicile), who from now on will be called EL SELLER or SALESWOMAN and on the other:
  6. Leave a space and write: (Buyer’s name), of legal age (buyer’s age), of nationality (write the buyer’s nationality), (write the buyer’s marital status), occupation or profession (write the profession or occupation of the buyer), with national identity card number (write the number of the national identity card of the buyer), domiciled at (write the address of the buyer), who will hereinafter be called THE BUYER.
  7. Those who appear agree to the following sales contract:
  8. Place as a title on the left a space below: OBJECT OF THE CONTRACT.

The seller transfers, assigns and sells to the buyer, who accepts and buys for himself the vehicle detailed below:

  • Vehicle brand:
  • Vehicle type:
  • Year of production:
  • Colour:
  • Engine number:

It is a vehicle that has been registered in the National Registry of Motor Vehicles with a number (write the license plate number), dated (indicate the corresponding date)

  1. Write as title on the left STATE OF PRESERVATION OF THE VEHICLE.

It is a vehicle in perfect condition and functioning, which the buyer knows, for which the seller is exempt from any subsequent claim.

  1. Leaving a space write on the left as a title: PRICE

The sale price is $ (price in numbers) .- (price in letters) paid by the BUYER to the SELLER as follows: (write the method of payment agreed by both parties.

  1. Leave a space and write as a title on the left: VEHICLE DELIVERY DATE

The buyer receives in this same act the vehicle already individualized, in the state in which it is found as declared in this contract.

  1. Leaving a space and always in the left margin, write as a title: CONTRACT EXPENSES

This sale contract results in expenses for which the buyer will be responsible for the purposes of registering the sale in the National Registry of Motor Vehicles in 30 days (legal term for registration)

  1. Leaving a space you will write as the title FACULTY TO REGISTER.

The holder of the copy of this contract is empowered to register in the National Registry of Motor Vehicles.

  1. Leave a space and write as a title: COPIES.

The notary signs, leaving a record of the authorization of this sale, having with him the circulation permit of the year (you will indicate the year), in addition to the certificate of registration in the National Registry of Motor Vehicles as well as the certificate of the Registry of traffic fines that have been paid, in the name of the SELLER.

  1. They sign as proof:

Leaving two spaces and centered, write Signature Seller, leave another two spaces and also centered, write National Identity Card number and write the number.

Leave another space and centered write Signature of the buyer, underneath leaving two spaces write centered National Identity Card number and write the number.

Example of a vehicle sale contract in Word

For your guide, you can read another example of a vehicle sale contract in Word below:

  1. As a focused title, write a motor vehicle sales contract

Then leaving a space write: The lord / ra (full name of the seller, resident of the city and of legal age, as identified at the bottom with his signature, will be referred to as THE SELLER, and (name of the buyer), Resident of the city (name of the city), of legal age, identified by his signature at the bottom, hereinafter called THE BUYER, we agree to the conclusion of the sale contract that will comply with commercial and civil regulations according to the following clauses :

First. Object THE SELLER undertakes to transfer ownership of the (car) identified below to the BUYER.




License plate:


Series: Chassis:

Color: Registered in:

Second. Price: Both parties have agreed on the sum of in letters) pesos $ (in numbers)

Third. Way to pay: THE BUYER agrees to pay the price referred to in the previous clause as follows (write the agreed payment method.

Quarter. Obligations inherent to the SELLER: The SELLER is obliged to deliver the car in perfect condition, without embargoes, fines, encumbrances and any other situation that results in the affectation of the free trade of the good that is the object of this contract.

Fifth. Expenses: The expenses, whether they are fines, taxes and others that correspond to the car prior to its registration, are in charge of THE SELLER. Those that correspond to the registry will be paid in equal parts except for the withholding for income tax that is in charge of THE SELLER.

Sixth. Penalty clause: Both parties agree that any breached clause of this contract will be subject one party to the other of the sum of (sum of the penalty for breach as a sanction)

Seventh. Compromise clausule: Any difference or controversy over this contract will be resolved by the arbitration tribunal and ultimately by the ordinary courts.

The present deed of sale is signed in two (2) identical copies in front of one (1) witness in the city (name of the city on (day), of (month, of (year)

On the left after two spaces the signature of THE SELLER and the initials CC

Along the same lines but to the left, the signature of THE BUYER and initials CC

Below the signature of the witness and the initials CC

How to make a contract for the sale of a used vehicle Word?

The used vehicle sale contract Word You can do it in the same way that you write one of a new vehicle with the only difference that in clause 1 you will write:

The seller is interested in selling the second-hand vehicle that he owns, which is detailed below and that does not present debts of any kind and was reviewed according to the technical inspections that apply.