How to write a letter of extreme suffering for immigration

You need to know how to write a letter of suffering for immigration Because although you surely have a lawyer, he is not the person who should write it even though he knows you as a client, because it is you who, as an interested party, is responsible for writing it with all the details about the difficulties.

In fact, nobody better than you could write a letter of this type, for this reason you will know how to write it below and nothing better than you know it from examples that will help you to write a good writing with details that may resemble those that you affect you …

25 Tips on how to write a letter of suffering for immigration

To learn how to write a letter of suffering for immigration You need to be guided by tips or advice to include in your letter, for example:

  1. The best letter is the one written by the interested party as the person who will suffer some type of damage or the relative who qualifies and can attest to that damage.
  2. You must detail the health problems you suffer from.
  3. If this is your case, that is, if you suffer from health problems, you must detail what treatment you are doing or need.
  4. You must indicate the treatment that your country of destination has for your health problem.
  5. Considering the country of destination, you must indicate the quality of that available treatment.
  6. In this sense, you will indicate the waiting time to start treatment based on your medical condition.
  7. Taking into account your health problem and your quality of life, you must indicate your financial situation that influences that quality of life and that will be affected.
  8. Then you will detail the issues related to job opportunities both in the United States and in the destination country.
  9. Considering all the difficulties, you will indicate the details that will affect you when you need to sell your business or your house.
  10. Also indicate whether in these circumstances both you and your spouse will be affected by losing the standard of professional life.
  11. Indicate how the trips that you and your children should take to visit your family will affect you economically.
  12. In this sense, you will indicate the costs of the trip in conjunction with the capacity you have for short-term economic recovery due to the move or the separation of your relatives.
  13. Make a detail about the expenses that you incur in caring for your parents or sick or elderly relatives.
  14. It indicates what are the needs to cover the education of dependent children and what services are available in the destination country.
  15. Explain how education would be affected for you, your spouse, and children.
  16. Indicates the scope and quality of education in the destination country.
  17. Explain what would be the impact on educational opportunities, the delay in time to achieve a level of gado taking into account the move.
  18. Indicate what kind of emotional problems this situation has caused you.
  19. Explain your ties to a family member in the United States.
  20. Indicate with exact dates the time you lived in the United States.
  21. Indicate what your difficulties would be if you are withdrawn from the United States.
  22. Please indicate if you were ever a member of the United States Armed Forces.
  23. Indicate your employment history.
  24. List your business ties or the properties you own in the United States.
  25. Explain what value you offer to the community.
  26. If you have had a criminal problem, explain how you have been rehabilitated and indicate some evidence of good moral character.

These tips are useful for you so that you can write a good writing, in addition to that you can help yourself with the following Examples of Extreme Suffering Letters for Immigration, because in the letter you will write all the details about the difficulties that will be presented to you.

2 Examples of letters of extreme suffering for brother for immigration

As the first of the examples of letters of extreme suffering for brother for immigration:

To whom it may concern:

(Name) is a graduate student in (indicate) in the school (name of school) city. As the attached documents attest, (Name) is a student with an excellent reputation and is awaiting successful completion of his PhD. Once he has become a Doctor, he hopes to have a salary that would amount to (indicate the expected salary)

It was not possible to find a university to provide assistance or materials necessary to complete the doctorate in the country of destination. All this indicates that it would not be possible for him to conclude his professional career, since he could not finish with his doctorate, a final degree to be able to locate himself as an employee in the field (indicate the corresponding field).

The country of destination is currently in the midst of a severe economic depression so that if you find a job available it is not likely that your salary will reach (insert salary)

The possibility that he could be employed in the field of (indicate) is not even visualized as probable because there are no vacancies related to his profession.

At the moment you have benefited from your application for a loan of (indicate the value of the loan) whose destination is based on paying for school expenses. With a salary of (value of salary) in the country of destination, your ability to pay would be reduced.

On the contrary, if he stayed in the United States, he could continue with his education, he could work and together with his partner with the salary of both they could solve the debt.

Example 2

I (your name) citizen of the United States, write this letter as the sister of (your brother’s name) to demonstrate the extreme hardships that I will suffer if my brother, (your brother’s name) is not granted this exemption so that he can meet me in the United States in a safe way to realize the dream of our lives and that has been on standby for only a few years.

At this moment we are in the search for this exemption to be approved to continue together in the realization of our dreams and life achievements.

My brother arrived at an early age when he could not do it by choice, because he was a minor and we were in the care of our parents.

However, my brother (name) was able to adapt to the American culture, since it is his place, his home and his place of belonging. In fact, my brother (name) always shows gratitude to the United States for all the life opportunities that this country has offered him and that you will have in the future if he is granted the possibility of returning.

My brother (name) went to school graduating in the United States, then he worked.

(Name of place of birth) is the country where your home was born, your place of belonging is the United States.

It can be said that my brother (name) does not know how to handle himself in his country of origin, he does not know how dangerous it is, or even how to take care of traffic.

In fact, it could not adapt to a country that it does not know, especially in the case of a country that is not as safe as the United States.

I respect your valuable time, so this is a summary where I explain the extreme difficulties that my brother is going through and the reason why I need him by my side.

2 examples of letters of extreme suffering for immigration in the usa

Example 1:

My name is (name), a United States citizen aged x years and married to (your spouse’s name) for x years.

(Your spouse’s name) is a loving person as a husband and as a father, he is a wonderful person with our children.

The detention suffered by my husband has been sincerely devastating for me and my children both financially and emotionally, since every child requires the presence of a father without neglecting that my husband provides us as the only source of income.

Example on how to write a letter of suffering for immigration in Spanish

To know How to write a letter of suffering for immigration in Spanish can guide you by the following:

Name of the sender of the letter

Address of the sender of the letter

Sender’s city, state, and zip code


Recipient’s name

Recipient address

Recipient’s city, state, and zip code

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter in a formal way as to request the Immigration Department to allow my husband (name), who is being detained and who is denied entry to the United States, to enter the country so that he can return to our home.

He was absent from the country during (time of absence) for reasons of visiting his mother and now he is prevented from returning.

(Name of your husband) has family ties in the United States, who writes to him, his children who are minors (mention the age of the children) all legal residents. I must also mention our children of legal age who are enrolled in school and even my husband (name) is the only source of income for his elderly parents who live in our house.

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