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How to write a letter of claim to a financial institution

If you have a dispute with a financial institution and need to make a complaint letter You must know a step by step to make that claim including the documents that are essential requirements for you to be successful and your claim to be taken into account with all the alternatives that you have in your favor to present it to the bank, including in the case of non-payment.

Step by step how to make a claim letter

To perform a complaint letter to the financial institution, it is advisable that you follow this step by step:

Step 1: To file a claim with the entity, you must submit a document to the Client Defenders corresponding to the entity or to the corresponding Departments.

Example of a claim letter to the Bank of Spain: If you are a consumer and in the event that a resolution has been carried out and you do not agree with it or you do not receive a response within a month, go to the Bank of Spain or within 15 business days if you are a microenterprise.

Step 2: The claim can be submitted to Bank of Spain via telematics by accessing and completing the form. You must choose if you will do it on paper or electronically.

If you choose electronically, on the next screen click Continue, then the system will redirect you to the Bank of Spain, but in order to connect you must install the electronic certificate as issuer accepted by said Bank or you must correctly enter your electronic ID.

If you choose On paper, you must complete a form indicating whether you are submitting an inquiry, complaint or claim.

You must also indicate if it is a new presentation or a presentation already exists and you want to include additional information.

Next you will indicate if you are a consumer or a non-consumer.

Indicate the way in which you will complete the form: you will print it, you will complete it on the computer or you will print it and complete it in handwriting.

Finally, you will enter the captcha code of the image and click on Download to download the form, always deactivating the pop-up blocker in your browser.

You can also submit your claim in writing to the General Registry of the Bank of Spain, sending it by post to the Bank of Spain, Department of Market Conduct and Claims c / Alcalá 48, 28014, Madrid.

In the latter case, the Eurozone system will redirect you to the same screen so that you can choose whether you will make your presentation on paper or electronically.

Requirements for submitting a complaint letter

The requirements to submit a letter of complaint In a financial institution it may vary from one institution to another, however the common requirements that for this example is the Bank of Spain must prepare the following documentation:

  1. You are the interested person, because then you must present your identification with your ID, to identify yourself with your full name and surname, address or company name.
  2. You must indicate the entity to which you are claiming and which is the office involved in the claim and in the event that your claim is carried out against several entities, you must make the claim on different forms, one for each of them.
  3. You need to prove that the prior procedure before the Customer Service Departments or Services and that entity’s customer ombudsmen have been fulfilled.
  4. You must indicate the date, the place and enter your digital signature.
  5. You require a photocopy of all the documentation that proves the facts that you claim.
  6. Keep in mind that your claim will be accepted if no more than 6 years have passed since the events for which you are filing the claim.

Taking into account these steps and the requirements you can now read …

How to make a claim letter?

It may be that you do not get a positive response to your claim, then below you can read a sample letter so that you can write it correctly:

To the Claims Service of the Bank of Spain

  1. (your full name and surname) DNI (number of your DNI, with address at (indicate your address with street, town, province, postal code)

It exposes:

That I contracted a (card, savings account, checking account, loan, etc.) at branch No. (the number and address of the branch) of the entity (the name of the entity)

That on the day (indicate the day) I have filed a claim with (indicate with which sector you filed a request such as customer service or customer ombudsman) in order to request (describe your request) whose response I am attaching a copy.

That the silver in the claim was not challenged or litigated before the courts of justice, there is not even a pending resolution by a judicial, arbitration or administrative body.

That, not being satisfied with said response, I present this claim based on the following:


In this sector you will make a clear and concise description of the facts that motivate you to file the claim, always attaching a copy of all the documents that you consider important to obtain a good resolution of your claim.



That you are kind enough to issue a resolution on how the entity acted (clearly indicate what you are requesting with the amount claimed if it exists.

In (write the locality, to (indicate the date)


Sample letter of claim for non-payment

  1. First of all you should know that the model letter of claim for non-payment that you will read below will be useful as an extrajudicial requirement, since by means of the letter the creditor is allowed to claim the payment of a debt in order for the debtor to comply with his obligation.
  2. In other words, it is a document that is drawn up in order to obtain a resolution prior to the judicial process, since resorting to the judicial process will be necessary when the debtor continues with his debt without complying with his payment obligations.
  3. Well, you must also take into account that the debtor can receive the extrajudicial request and reject it, so until the payment is made, the doubt will continue and will generate the corresponding interest according to what the parties agreed.
  4. In any case, the document requires the payment of a debt extrajudicially, which is always convenient before initiating an injunction through the courts because it is an amicable way to resolve a debt problem.
  5. But it is a step to continue with this path in the case of a refusal by the debtor, for example as a model you can be guided by the following:

In the right margin write: In (city, at (days, month, year)

In the left margin write: Subject: Payment request

Below write Dear Mr. D (Full name of the debtor)

By means of the present, I am writing to you. With the objective of requesting the amount owed by concept of (indicates the concept of the debt)

Until today, you have not complied with the payment of that debt, the amount of which amounts to (amount in numbers and letters. It is a doubt that should have been paid (indicates the date on which said amount should have been paid) , for this reason I am using this means to inform you and claim your full payment of the amount owed through (indicate the payment method) within a period of (indicate the period in days that you offer for payment, counting from the receipt of this letter.

Without further ado, I remain yours,

Your signature

Your name

What is the letter of claim to the bank?

  1. You need a claim letter to the bank as a document to provide the data of the banking operations that are not of your agreement.
  2. For example, when the bank charges you an amount higher than what you consider correct.
  3. Also when the bank charges you expenses that you have not made, that is, you do not recognize those charges.
  4. When you detect charges or movements that you do not recognize

How to write a claim?

¿How to write a claim? Well, first of all you must understand that it requires certain parts such as:

  1. The data of who claims
  2. The data of the company to whom you claim.
  3. The facts lead you to make the claim.
  4. The specific explanation of your request.
  5. The deadline to correct the errors.
  6. How you will act in the event of receiving a negative response to your claim.
  7. Farewell with signature and name.

How to make a letter of complaint for bad service?

A complaint letter for poor service, you must also write it including certain parts such as:

  1. Place and date.
  2. Presentation to the office or person in charge of receiving complaints.
  3. Body: with the exposition of your complaint.
  4. Narration of the facts for which you make your complaint.
  5. Description of what you expect for the presentation of your complaint.
  6. Friendly farewell requesting the prompt resolution of your problem.
  7. Signature and your name.