How to write a car sale contract

You must know how to write a car sale contract if you decide to buy a car from a private party instead of going to a dealer.

It is possible to buy and sell a car between individuals, as long as you clarify everything in writing, since in this way the buyer and the seller will not have future problems, but …

How to make a car sale contract in the United States

Follow this step by step to write a car sale contract and you will not have problems in the future, because if you never did it it may seem complicated but rest assured that it is very easy:

Step 1: At the top of the contract, write the full name and surname of the buyer and the seller specifying that they both participate in a contract for the sale of a certain car, for example:

Models of car sale contract:

This is a contract so that “Full name and surnames, the seller’s private address, exercise the sale of a” Name of the model and brand of the car for sale “to” Full names and surnames “,” home address of the car buyer “

Step 2: In the following paragraph make the description of the car including the make, its model, the year, the style of the car, for example if it is coupe or sedan, the VIN number (identification of the car, you will find it on the inside of the driver’s door, on the motor, on the dashboard or you can find the number in the documents that the seller gives to the buyer corresponding to the insurance) and finally the number of miles traveled by that car.

Step 3: Payment term: write the total value of the car, the value of the deposit, the payment dates, the mode of payment and the guarantee conditions if the guarantee is applicable or not.

Step 4: Disclosure statement: The seller must declare any incident, accident, lien, claim that affects the car such as any engine defect, defects in the car’s electrical system or other defects.

Step 5: Reserve at the end of the document a place for the signatures of the seller and the buyer, including both words and for the signatures of the witnesses, since both the buyer and the seller must have their own witnesses who will also sign the contract of sale.

Under the signature of the buyer and the seller you must include the driver’s license number and the date the contract is signed.

Step 6: Finally, it is important that you add that all the information contained in this contract is accurate.

How to make a car sale contract in Mexico

If you want to buy or sell a used car to an individual, you know that it is cheaper compared to the same transaction through a dealer, but you will always need to make a used vehicle sale contract, follow these steps:

Step 1: With the title of the document: PRIVATE VEHICLE SALE CONTRACT. In the first paragraph, indicate the names and surnames of the buyer and the seller, for example:

This contract is concluded between one party, the “full name and full surname of the seller”, full address, driver’s license, hereinafter called SELLER, and another party, the “full name and surname of the buyer”, full address , driver’s license, hereinafter called BUYER, with the aim of selling a car “make and model of the car”, of the year “XXXX” owned by the SELLER.

Step 2: Make the complete description of the car including all the particular characteristics, for example in addition to the make and model include the color, the type of chassis, the color of the interior of the car, mechanical problems that the car may have, the chassis number , the number of the odometer reading, that is the mileage or mileage, the type of upholstery of the car.

Write: The car is a “BRAND”, “Model”, color XXX, from the year XXX, seats of “(the type of upholstery”, roof XXX “, chassis number” XXX “, the odometer says the” date of the contract (the number of miles or mileage ”

Before writing this information, you must make sure that all the data is faithful and that the odometer has no defects, since otherwise the contract could be declared void, because if the odometer was replaced or works in a defective way, it must be clarified in the contract. .

Step 3: Write the day, month and year of the sale of the car with the value of the sale describing the form of payment, and say if the car is paid in cash, with a money order, with a personal check or if a scheme is planned of payments indicates: The date of the sale of the car is xxxx, the buyer is committed to pay the seller (the payment scheme)

If you sell a car with a payment scheme, keep the ownership card with you until all payments have been made.

Step 4: In the purchase price, indicate if the sales tax was included or if the tax is an additional sum to the price.

Step 5: Delivery method: In this paragraph it indicates if the car will be collected by the buyer, if it will be collected by a third party and in the event that it involves shipping costs, indicates who will be responsible for those expenses.

Step 6: It is possible that you sell your car to a buyer in another location and you have to drive it to their home, then you must indicate who will be responsible for the cost of fuel consumed by the car to the place of delivery and the return to your home.

With the phrase as it is, you clarify that the car is sold without warranty.

Step 7: Make a description about the general and particular condition of the car: “The car is sold as is implies that the seller’s responsibility is limited to problems that the car could have.

Step 8: Indicates the documents that the seller delivers to the buyer, for this contact the motor vehicle department to receive information on the documents that by law the seller must deliver to the buyer at the time of selling a car.

Step 9: Make a clarification on the property title indicating that there are no liens, legal actions or charges that prevent the free sale of the vehicle.

Step 10: Last port each of the parties, the seller and the buyer must sign with the date of the contract and then you will need to make a copy of the contract so that each party keeps a copy, regardless of who keeps the original of the document or the copy.