How to work in the United States legally

There are many people who want work in the united states, because there is a wide possibility of getting a good job in different disciplines, but to work legally you must meet certain requirements that are essential when you travel to the United States and settle to work …

What do I need to work in the United States

In principle, it is essential that for work in the united states think that:

  1. You need the green card which is the permanent residence card.
  2. You need a work permit, which is the employment authorization issued to you by an employer.

Requirements to obtain documents to work in the United States

At the same time, to obtain all these documents, you must comply with these requirements, because you will present yourself to request the documents but you will apply to them and the application will be approved if you meet the conditions imposed on them and to obtain the green card that will indicate the time you can stay in the United States working.

Your future employer will be able to issue the work permit and you must comply with all the conditions that I indicate because if you violate them you can be expelled from the United States or they will deny you re-entry.

How to work in the United States

You can work in the United States as:

  1. Temporary worker if, being an immigrant, you enter the United States temporarily to work, limiting your activity and for the period of time indicated on your visa.
  2. Exchange visitor or student. As an exchange visitor or student you can work in the United States if you have a permit from your school authority, the school official, DSO is the official authorized to issue the permit as an exchange visitor.
  3. Permanent worker. You will be a permanent worker if you have been authorized to live and work permanently in the United States.
  4. Temporary visitor for business. As a temporary business visitor, you will enter the United States for business purposes and you will be able to work if you previously obtained a B-1 visa, which belongs to the temporary business visitor, unless you apply to the visa waiver program and can obtain admission without a visa.

All these requirements are essential because the employer is obliged to verify that as a candidate for a job position you are a person who is authorized to be employed in the United States.

How to get a job in the United States

Work in the united states It can become a challenge if you do not know what methods to use, as there are techniques that expand your chances of being successful when looking for a job, for example:

  1. The United States Department of Labor has CareerOneStyop that helps you plan your job search, teaches you how to write a resume, a cover letter, and how to complete the job application and even helps you negotiate a salary.
  2. State labor banks. In the state job banks in your state you will find job vacancies according to the job field in which you want to develop.
  3. Job prospects manualYou can search for information on the average salary for a profession or trade, the growth rate of that profession in search of employment, and educational requirements.
  4. UseJobs. It helps you find a job. You just have to enter your profession or the job you want to find in your search engine and you will find the list of available jobs. To know the details of the job you are interested in, just enter with a click and you will know what the job is about, how much your salary will be, the number of available vacancies, the company that needs your services and what type of candidates the position is available work, since some may be focused on citizens or immigrants with work permits.
  5. GetMyFuture It is an application of the United States Department of Labor that offers help for you to plan your career, train yourself and look for work. You can complete the application online. In other words, it puts labor resources in your hand so that you can boost your career.
  6. Working Women’s Clearinghouse It offers you tools and resources in addition to informing you about federal government decisions that help you look for work with tips for you to advance in your profession and you can plan for your retirement.

Requirements to work in the United States

The requirements to work in the United States are:

  1. Work authorization to present in a few days after starting a new job.
  2. Proof of identity.
  3. Proof that you have legal authorization to work in the United States.
  4. Complete the employee section on the USCIS I-9 form when you finish the first day of work.
  5. If you present altered or false documents, you will be liable to go to prison or a fine.
  6. Valid passport with I551 stamp.
  7. Permanent resident or alien registration card.
  8. Form I-94 completed with endorsement of nonimmigrant status.

If you do not have all these documents, you must present one that indicates that you have authorization to work in the United States and another document in which your identity can be verified.

USCIS employment authorization

USCIS will accept as sample employment authorization:

  1. Social security card,
  2. Certificate of birth in your country of origin.
  3. Document called Native or American tribal that is recognized by the federal government, for which you must consult the official site
  4. US Citizen Identification Card.
  5. Resident citizen identification card.
  6. Current employment authorization from the department of homeland security.
  7. Proof of identity, can be current United States driver’s license, local, state, or federal identification card with photo or school identification card with biography, voter registration card, United States military card, or Native American tribal document.
  8. If you are a worker 16 or younger, USCIS accepts your school transcript, daycare record, or birth certificate.

USA job web lists

As web job lists USA you can register and look for work in:

  1. USAJobs which is the website of the United States government.
  2. Americasjobexchange connects employers with potential employees.
  3. CareerbuilerIt has a search engine so you can find a job according to the town or zip code.
  4. The same way it works EmploymentGuide for job search in your area.
  5. Monster It has a job search engine according to the area you choose.
  6. Jobs offers you to search for a job among the more than 3 million jobs published.
  7. helps you find free work in official government sources.
  8. offers you to find a job with a search engine according to the job you are looking for and the area.

Find a job in the United States

Nowadays looking for work in the United States is not that difficult if you think that most of the jobs are published online, therefore by searching the job listing websites you can find the job you are looking for and knowing at the same time all its details.

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