How to view Boost Mobile calls on my account

Prepaid boost mobile my account provides unlimited monthly calling plans without the need for you to be bound by a contract. You also have customer service from your Boost phone by dialing 611 Or you can Lamar at 866-402-7366, the general assistance number every day of the week from 4 a.m. At 9pm.

But if you want an easier solution, it also provides your account information with online call records, then …

How to view boost mobile prepaid calls my account

Follow this step by step to view calls from prepaid boost mobile my account:

Step 1: Visit the official Boost Mobile website and log in with your username and password.

Step 2: At the top of the Boost Mobile home page, click My Account.

Step 3: Enter the 10-digit phone number and 4-digit PIN number at the login prompt, and then click Submit.

Step 4: To view calls from the phone number you provided, click Account Activity.

It may be that you forgot to save an important phone number on your phone or you received a call and lost the number, then with your Boost Mobile phone you can track the calls if you access the call logs, since they include the list with all the details of the calls you made and received on the phone.

Call logs are archived monthly for better organization. You only need to access the information in your call log in this way:

  1. Access Boost Mobile from your browser.
  2. Once you are logged in you will find a My Account hyperlink, login with one click.
  3. Go to the login text fields and enter the phone number associated with the Boost Mobile account.
  4. Enter the 4-digit PIN for your Boost Mobile account, then click Submit and you will access your Boost Mobile account online.
  5. Click Call Logs on the main page of your account.
  6. Choose the month of the billing cycle in which you made the calls and they will show you the calls received and made for that month.

Lost calls: Please note that missed calls cannot be traced because if that call was not answered it is not processed in the call log, as only calls that were made and received successfully are logged.

See boost mobile prepaid calls my account from the phone

You can also view calls from prepaid boost mobile my account from your phone like this:

  1. Press the OK button on your mobile phone and it will reveal the main menu applications.
  2. Scroll through the menu applications by scrolling the up and down arrow keys and as you scroll they will be highlighted.
  3. When the Call History application is highlighted press the OK button.
  4. Use the up and down arrows to highlight the call history you want to see, be it outgoing calls, calls you made, or incoming and even missed calls.
  5. To choose and view the details of the call history press OK.

Boost mobile customer service

If you want to communicate with a live person you can do it by dialing 888-266-7848, wait for the message and then press 5, then you will press 2 and finally you will press 4.

You will wait for all the menu options and after a few seconds you will speak with a representative, press 0 and then 2. You can call every day of the week from 4:00 am. at 11 pm.

If you did not solve your problem you can send an email to [email protected]

Boost mobile my account in Spanish

My account is your account, the tool that allows you to manage it. All you need to do is enter your Boost Mobile phone number and account PIN for you to log in.

What you can do from my Boost Mobile account

  1. View your account balance.
  2. See the payment date.
  3. Add money to your account.
  4. Add a credit or debit card to set up auto re-boost or make one-time payments.
  5. Change your pricing plan.
  6. Remove or add features.
  7. Change your account PIN.
  8. Reset your voicemail password.

Please note that not all functions are available from your phone in My Account.

Additionally, unlimited daily and monthly customers can only view account activity for voice calls that resulted from an additional charge to your account such as directory assistance calls and international calls.

Even the unlimited daily and monthly plans do not show all the calls and texts made.

Boost mobile in Spanish customer service

Boost Mobile’s general support phone number is 866-402-7366 and has an average wait time of 43 minutes. Although the opening hours are long, the best time for them to attend you quickly is at 8.30am

It also has a toll-free customer service number, 1-866-402-7366 and 888-266-7848 for general assistance Monday through Friday from 4 a.m. At 8 pm. PST and Saturdays and Sundays from 4am. at 7pm. PST.

If you need to activate your Boost Mobile phone you can call +1 877-855-6673. If you want to order online, the help phone number is 800-467-0890.

The official Boost Mobile website has live chat available all week to answer questions and resolve issues. The customer service staff can help and guide you to give you the best possible advice.

www boostmobile com in spanish my account

Once you buy your Boost Mobile phone go to the website and in the upper corner of the main page you will see a link to activate your phone.

Choose I am a current customer and I want to change devices Boost Mobile and follow the prompts.

Then wait a few hours and to open a new account use the same link, but choose I am a new customer and want to activate my Boost Mobile device and follow the instructions to create a new account.

New devices have no activation fee while used devices have a $ 10 activation fee.

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