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How to Use Word of Mouth Marketing

Verbal Marketing

Marketing word of mouth”As it is known in Latin America, word of mouth in Spain, (Word ofMouth Marketing), It is a technique that consists of passing information through verbal means, especially recommendations, but also information of a general nature, in an informal and personal way.although the word of mouth Dialogues on the internet, eg on blogs, forums or e-mails, MSN, are typically considered a spoken communication now, often included in the definition *.

Promotion based on word of mouth is highly valued by marketers. This form of communication is felt to have valuable credibility because of the source from which it came. People are more inclined to believe word of mouth than more formal forms of promotion because the communicator is unlikely to have an interest (eg, not trying to sell you something). Also people tend to believe the people they know. Therein lies the secret of its success.

When a person makes a recommendation for a product, service or business, they are inadvertently pledging their own reputation by doing so. For this reason, you must generate enough confidence in your clients so that they speak well of you, your products and your services, with absolute certainty that you are not going to fail them, you are not going to make them look bad. In the end, people have nothing to gain from giving a recommendation other than the appreciation of the person who receives it.

Here are some tips that you can use to encourage word of mouth marketing:


Strategies to get results with “word of mouth” Marketing

Provide exceptional service

Exceed your customers’ expectations. Do not settle for just offering the service you were paid for, give a little more. If you surprise your customers with a superior service, it will surely come to your home and discuss it with family, friends and associates. Sometimes just a little extra detail can achieve the desired effect. Think of yourself as a customer and remember which businesses or products you have recommended to your friends and why, this will give you ideas where to start. For example, if you are an electrical appliance installer (refrigerators, stoves), offer your clients to remove the previous one if it is defective and do not forget to leave the work area clean as it was before you did your work.

Train your staff

In order for you to always provide good customer service, this is a must. Establish processes for each situation, so good service will not depend on the humor of your employees, staff must always provide detailed information about their product, characteristics, guarantees, etc., but above all, your staff must always be willing to answer the questions of your customers, provide the requested information, make recommendations, and above all to provide a smile. Build that great experience of Customer Support. It is important to remember that you are responsible for keeping your staff motivated and providing feedback on their performance.

Be generous

– If you are willing to become known as the store that provides a hot cup of coffee or tea in winter to your customers, your generosity will do wonders for your “word of mouth” marketing strategy. Surely your clients will comment on the matter and this will generate more visits to your business and therefore more sales, you will in the end recover the extra expense and obtain more income.

Word-of-mouth marketingAdd something special to your place or store that makes people comment on it, if you have a striking, avant-garde decoration, something different in your construction, architecture or decoration, it will be something to talk about. Your creativity is the limit. Remember to maintain good taste, the goal is to generate good recommendations, not backbiting, or rejection criticism.

Lastly, for this to work, you have to let it flow naturally, don’t talk in your promotions or in your advertisements about the cup of coffee you provide, let your customers do the work. It is good to add that the verbal advertising or Word of Mouth it is intimately linked to all forms of marketing. This is because verbal recommendations can come from anywhere in your marketing strategy. If you have a funny television ad on the air, one person will tell another to watch your ad. You didn’t explicitly ask for that verbal recommendation, it came naturally from one of your other marketing vehicles.