How to use personal online banking

The personal internet banking is a simple platform through which you can carry out different banking operations using your computer, your tablet or your mobile phone.

Whether you do not have time to digest a bank branch or you cannot carry out operations at an ATM for different personal reasons, it gives you the ease of being able to carry them out wherever you are with your mobile device or at home with your computer at through the internet, but if you don’t know how to use this comfort …

How to use personal online banking

The personal internet banking It works in the same way that the real bank with its regulations allows you to access its page online or in many cases banks have an application so that you can carry out your operations with your mobile phone.

In this way you will be able to carry out banking operations such as making a query of the movements of your account and its balance.

You can make transfers to other accounts of a third party of the same bank or of other banks by entering a bank key.

You can make a payment for services such as telephone, electricity, water, telecommunications or another service.

You can manage the automatic debit of service payments.

How to get started with personal online banking

  1. To start you must enter the 10 digits of your account number that the bank gave you when you opened your account.
  2. Enter the 16 digits of your card number that you can read on your debit card.
  3. Enter the 4 digits of the PIN number, it is the one you use with your debit card.

Benefits of personal online banking

If you learn to use the personal internet banking shortly you will obtain several benefits compared to going to a bank branch, for example:

  1. When you need to carry out a banking operation, it is not necessary that you go personally to the central bank or a branch of the same, you can simply carry out any banking operation from your computer at your home or office or on a friend’s home computer or from your phone smart phone while you’re having a coffee or traveling on vacation.
  2. The commissions are generally lower compared to the banking operations that you carry out in the physical branch of the bank.
  3. In addition to this, you also benefit because you do not need to mobilize and therefore you save on moving from one place to another.
  4. The tax bank is not open all day, therefore you must go to it only during office hours and if you need to make a payment due and lack time, it is best to use the roof rack online because it offers you a service 24 hours a day, so if it is night and suddenly remember that you must make an urgent payment, you do not have to worry because with your Smartphone you can make the payment you need in a few minutes.

Tips for using personal online banking

Although it is a virtual system with many benefits, fast and comfortable, you must also take certain care when using the system:

  1. When opening the bank’s website, either on your computer or on your mobile phone, you must make sure that it is the bank’s official site before you start using the bank and enter all your data, since the official pages always begin with http. If you do not read these letters, close the page because you have not entered the correct site.
  2. When carrying out any type of banking operation, always control the amount you enter.
  3. Control the movements of your account and if you notice that any movement does not coincide with what you did, make the urgent notification to the bank, since an account hacker is something common today, especially when you use a public computer and you forgot to close the session.
  4. Your access code should always be memorized instead of writing it in a file, because you can always modify the passwords so that they are easy for you to remember without having to write them down, since it is never recommended that you save the passwords on your mobile devices or even on your computer. Passwords only belong to you and should never be disclosed.

Requirements for personal online banking

  1. It is essential that you open an account at the bank that suits you and depending on that bank you will surely have to sign a contract.
  2. In the branch of the bank you have chosen, you must request the internet banking service and once you have requested it, the bank will grant you a token that is necessary when you enter online banking.
  3. You must indicate that you have an email address.
  4. Depending on the bank, you may need to enable the email or mobile phone alert service.

Cost of personal internet banking service

1.Depending on the bank that you are interested in opening your account, you will likely have a cost when buying the token.

  1. Not all banks will charge you the same, as some will offer you the free service, while others such as HSBC will charge you $ 100 and others may charge you a low cost per month, for example $ 20 plus VAT taxes, such as Santander bank.
  2. However, regardless of the bank, you should always enable the service by entering the bank’s official home page and then registering:

4.On the main page of the bank choose “affiliate” and for the first and only time you will register with your username, your bank account number, the card number and the password that you have chosen to enter

  1. Then the site will ask you for the token number.
  2. Once you log in, you can carry out the banking operation you need.

All this information is requested by the bank’s website for your safety, because only you and no one else will be able to use your own internet banking.

In fact, you will have three opportunities to enter the data, if at the third opportunity you enter any incorrect information, the service will be blocked and you will only have the opportunity to solve that error by going to the bank branch or calling so that you can retrieve your data and solve the problem.

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