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How to track USPS and international packages

You need to make a international parcel tracking Why are you waiting for your package to arrive with the purchase you made in a foreign country? Don’t worry because USPS makes it very easy for you, do you want to know how to do the tracking? Follow the following steps and you will find the place where your package is about to arrive at your home.

How to track ups international parcels

To do the international parcel tracking Follow this step by step by step, because from the official site you get a preview so that you can clearly manage the administration of the incoming packages, for which you have a dashboard and you can follow up without having to have the number package reference:

Step 1: Enter and start signing up by clicking Sign Up in the upper right corner of the screen. If you already have an account just click Sign in.

Step 2: Sign up by entering your username and choosing a password. In this way, having created an account in usps, you will be able to request the collection of packages, print the shipping labels, make purchases, buy stamps, manage the administration of postal boxes, file any domestic claim you need, print the online form of customs declaration and set the language you prefer.

Step 3: Place the cursor on Tracking and Management and a drop-down menu will open. In Tools choose Tracking.

Step 4: You will immediately see the corresponding field to enter the 35 numbers to do the tracking. Remember to separate the numbers with a comma (,)

Step 5: The tracking number can be found on the Post Office receipt, if you purchased Post Office insurance you can find it on the invoice. If the shipment was made by usps you will find it in the confirmation that they sent you to your email. Look for it in the confirmation email you received from the online retailer. In the usps tracking label, look for it in the lower self-adhesive part of it.

Step 6: Register in Informed Delivery and you will not need the tracking number to do the tracking, because you can automatically track the packages in addition to configuring the email alerts without having to write the tracking number.

With black and white grayscale images they show you the outside of the correspondence and envelopes that are processed with usps automated equipment.

You can register for free to manage your packages and receive updates from usps tracking. You only need to download the delivery application to track incoming packages. The application is available in the App Store and Google Play for Android and also for iOS as well as Windows.

Usps tracking

1.the international parcel tracking it follows the regulations of the destination country and it is for this reason that it varies depending on each country.

  1. When it comes to a shipment through usps priority mail international you will be able to track many products but not others because when it reaches international markets, when crossing the border of the United States it is likely that the package will not be eligible for tracking .
  2. But since it is an internal shipment with usps priority mail, you receive a usps priority mail tracking so that you can track it.
  3. In fact, when sending a package through Priority mail international to countries outside the United States border, that package will enter foreign postal networks to be delivered and therefore when following laws with different regulations, the scan will be different and consequently the track or trace also differs,
  4. To facilitate the task of monitoring and the possibility of doing it, you should pay attention to the barcode. For example, the barcodes that are always tracked are those that begin with the letter C and the letter E, but packages with barcodes that begin with the letter L cannot be tracked in any country.

USPS Parcel Tracking

You can track USPS packages knowing their entire journey with the service provided by Priority Mail International, Global Express guaranteed to track any destination and Priority Mail Express International with some limitations depending on the destination.

Package tracking

  1. Login to
  2. Upon entering you will find the corresponding field for you to write the tracking number and it even shows you a test number so that you can guide yourself and find your own tracking number.
  3. When you find your tracking number write it down and click Track.
  4. Then the site will redirect you to the information you are looking for indicating the entire route of the package that you need to track with its date and location from the moment it was delivered to the post office, when it was processed and where it was processed the package until the date it arrived at its destination on its schedule.

Fedex international parcel tracking

In the case of fedex tracking of international packages, follow this step by step:

  1. Login to
  2. As soon as you enter you will see several tabs. Click the tracking number.
  3. In the corresponding field enter the tracking ID and click on Track.
  4. You can also track by reference then click Track by reference.
  5. Enter the destination territory, destination zip code, shipping date, and then click Track.
  6. If you prefer to track by TCN, click Track by TCN. Enter the TCN, the shipping date and click Track.
  7. If you want to get proof of delivery, click Get proof of delivery.
  8. You must enter the 30 fedex tracking numbers in the corresponding field and then click Submit.

Remember that if for any reason you need to intercept a package you can also do it by clicking Intercept Package from the Tracking and management tab.

If your package is eligible to be intercepted, log in and send the request to intercept it and your shipment will be redirected.