How to take advantage of STP Marketing in a small business?

Although it is a recent strategic vision, knowing about the STP marketing It is essential for you if you have a company, a small business or a startup.

Well, in principle you should know specifically what it is about and from there discover about the segmentation, targeting and positioning, in addition to its processes for you to carry out in this type of marketing strategy. All this and much more you are about to know below.

What is STP marketing and what is it for?

  1. 1. Stp marketing is segmentation targeting and positioning. It is a marketing strategy that is currently used, but that changes the old concept since it focuses on marketing in such a way that instead of being oriented to the product, it is oriented to the client.
  2. The old strategy was for marketing to focus on adjusting the market to the product, but with stp it is the product that adjusts to the market.
  3. The stp is to be used when establishing the marketing communication plan.
  4. Marketers can prioritize proposals, development, and delivery of personalized communications based on easy interaction with the audience.
  5. In fact, for this reason stp is also known as strategic marketing. This strategy involves searching for the exact segment to market the product through segmentation.
  6. Targeting is used by identifying the target market.
  7. Then the positioning is carried out, which implies positioning the product based on obtaining benefits.
  8. For this reason, it is essential that you determine what the benefits of your product are and how it will benefit the target audience.

Segmentation targeting and positioning

Segmentation targeting and positioning is stp, the marketing strategy for which you must know how to perform segmentation first, then …

Segmentation in the stp marketing

  1. To apply stp marketing you must first perform segmentation or segmentation, that is, you need to identify the target market, for which there are several ways to segment a market, but the most common is according to the characteristics of the consumer.
  2. You can do the segmentation according to the geographic, psychographic or demographic factor.
  3. Then you will identify the products that can best suit the segment.
  4. In this way you will identify the segment and create a marketing plan designed to meet the particular needs of that segment.
  5. Once you have completed the first stage (segmentation or segmentation) you will continue with the targeting.

Targeting in stp marketing

  1. Targeting is targeting, that is, targeting the market, that is, after segmenting you will focus on the market after having identified your consumer to whom you will market the product.
  2. You will analyze factors such as effectiveness and profitability on each of the consumer groups.
  3. You will review the way in which each segment grows, determining how your company can be useful to satisfy each segment in particular.
  4. It is important that you determine how the growth of your product evolves within the market in order to guide your campaign.
  5. When you identify customers, you will use a marketing plan so that you can capture most of the market.

Positioning in stp marketing

  1. Positioning is the brand positioning, for which you must be able to make a good identification of the most important aspects of marketing such as the place, price, product and promotion.
  2. You must be sure that you are placing the right product in the right place, having successfully segmented the market and set a competitive price.
  3. You have designed a product, then you must adjust the price focusing on your potential customers and their respective socio-economic conditions.
  4. The square has to do with the geographical location of the consumers and the correct location of your product when exposed to the customer.
  5. You will guide the promotion to the market you chose with a strategy that allows you to reach that market and establish a strong impact.
  6. In fact positioning, Brand positioning or brand positioning is nothing other than the design of the company’s offer and image in order to place it in a position that stands out above the competitors.
  7. In this way, your company stands out above the others, because with this type of marketing strategy it manages to tell a story that is kept in the minds of consumers, thereby causing a strong impact, in such a way that you manage to manage their decisions in the present. and future.
  8. Every brand positioning strategy has success as an end, however to achieve it it is necessary that your brand has a representativeness, an idea, something that makes it different and that is consistent with the company.

What are the stp marketing processes

  1. The stp marketing processes they are an important part of your marketing strategy. You already know what segmentation, targeting and positioning means.
  2. The process is a demonstration about how the global market is linked as well as how your company can be an important competitor in that market.
  3. The process ranges from segmentation as the first of the steps, then you choose a segment, a target market and to finish the process you apply the positioning.
  4. The processes are aimed at creating a guide for the company based on applying a successful marketing strategy.
  5. Segmentation as the first step in the process requires you to divide the market into small groups that have the same needs or similar characteristics and in this way you identify the target market.
  6. Targeting as the second step in the process is the selection of the segment organization to focus the offers and the company’s marketing plan on it.
  7. Positioning as the third step of the process is how the target market perceives the characteristics and benefits that your product offers, relating it to the products of the competition.

Stp analysis

  1. Considering that the stp analysis, brings together three very well-defined concepts: segmentation, target and positioning. In the segmentation you will look for the appropriate segment where you will place your brand.
  2. In the target you must identify which is the appropriate market or target market.
  3. And in positioning, you will analyze how to correctly place your product within the market so that you can have the maximum benefit for your company.
  4. Therefore in the stp analysis you will be observing and analyzing your entire environment including the markets to be able to make a good identification of the business opportunities and trends that are presented.
  5. With this stp analysis, applying a marketing strategy you can establish an action plan to achieve objectives in the most efficient and successful way.