How to start your own educational learning center

If you want to open your educational learning center You must investigate in advance because it is an extensive process, because it will take at least 2 years to meet all the demands and high academic standards including the idea of ​​extra-curricular subjects such as music and art without neglecting values, safety and discipline .

Follow the following step by step to help you with your business:

How to open an educational learning center step by step

In the next step by step you will learn how to open a educational learning center right from the start:

Step 1: First of all you should think about the number of grades your school will have, that is, you can start with a few grade levels and then expand them.

Step 2: Do you know why you want to start a school? Think about it and write the mission to understand the reasons and it will be what will determine your plans and how the community will support you with your decision.

Include in the mission the logic of the opening of the school, what will be the values ​​that it will respect, what will be the strategy in the education that it will impart, how you will approach the curriculum and what are the results that you hope to obtain from the students.

Step 3: The school needs the organization of a committee, whose members will later make up the board of directors, therefore organize it because it must be people with proven experience in accounting, law, education and business.

Step 4: Contact your state government to meet the educational requirements, which correspond to private schools, since it may be supervised by the government secretariat or the ministry, as it varies depending on each state.

Step 5: Create a business plan thinking 5 years into the future including marketing, finance, educational approach with the curriculum and its implementation.

Step 6: You need a physical place for your school, therefore you can think about building a new building or installing it in a current one.

Step 7: A year and a half before you open the school, you must hire the most important members who will occupy the direction and commercial management, as they are the ones who will help you start the opening.

In the case of the person who occupies the address, he will help you with all issues related to the educational plan, while the person who will head the commercial management will help you with purchases and student enrollment.

Step 8: Start promoting your school by contacting potential students and parents within your community.

Advertise your school and its opening in local magazines and newspapers, as all promotional means are valid, for example you can create a website promoting and informing about admissions and enrollment.

Step 9: You have already created the business plan, appointed the committee members and promoted the school, then organize the curriculum, educational themes and furnishings so that you can start with the admission of students.

Step 10: In the same way that you interviewed and hired the members of the committee, do the same process with the teachers, since you must have trained personnel and it is even convenient that before the opening and well in advance you train them so that they can know the policies of your school, the curriculum, what is the vision of the school and what are the expectations.

Legal aspects to open an educational learning center

While it is a good idea to open a educational learning center, you must comply with all the legal aspects required by the state or city where you plan to open it.

Step 1: Think about the business structure of your school, will it be a for-profit or non-profit business entity ?, because generally schools are defined as organizations that are tax-exempt, but for this you must present the corresponding documentation in the secretariat of government and finance.

Since you will have formed a committee, the legal expert can help you present all the documents.

Step 2: Establish your budget and financing, for which the accountant of the committee that you have formed for your school can help you.

In the event that you are thinking of a non-profit school, you can access contributions, scholarships and donations.

Step 3: Apply for a zoning permit whether your school occupies a current building or you plan to build it.

Step 4: You must register the school with the Department of Education and report the enrollment of students by grade every year, since in most states it is required that private schools notify their opening to the Department of Education and the Department of Education must make the information public. .

Even as a new owner of a school or educational center, you must request a code and password to register it as a private school.

After receiving the code and password from the school, you must log in and follow the instructions to complete the annual survey.

To complete the registration process, you must send a signed and notarized copy of the annual private school survey to the Department of Education, then your school will be listed in the Private School Directory.

Keep in mind that the submission of the annual survey data and inclusion in the directory is mandatory although it has nothing to do with approval, recognition or accreditation by the state.

Anyway you must understand that the laws change from state to state, for example in the state of Florida, private schools are not licensed.

For this reason, keep in mind that the United States Department of Education does not regulate private schools, it is the state and local governments that establish the laws, regulations and policies that will affect the opening and operation of your educational center.

In any case, the United States Department of Education helps you with the publication of a guide on the state regulation of private schools with a brief summary of the laws and regulations of each state, as they are essential information that you will need to know before starting.

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