How to start cleaning houses

Do house cleaning It seems like an easy task, but when you think about where to start ‘that task becomes complicated, because there are many cleaning tasks that a house needs.

Especially when you find a lot of clutter, which seems to complicate your cleaning plan even more. Therefore, so that you do not complicate it and it is easy and pleasant for you, you will read the steps to carry out the cleaning work.

Step by step to do house cleaning

In order to Do house cleaning start thinking about the time you will spend in that house so that when you finish your work it looks as clean as you had planned.

For this you must think exactly the time you have and your physical condition according to the tasks you are going to perform.

Put order in all the rooms and then clean them, since in this way you will have all the space free of objects that interrupt your task.

Start with the back rooms of the house and continue towards the front door.

Think that it will be a daily task, since this way you will avoid that work accumulates and plan days per month to do a deep cleaning throughout the house, which will include cleaning the windows, deep cleaning of ornaments, carpet cleaning and everything that is a complex cleaning job.


Clean the furniture in each of the bedrooms to remove all dust and at the same time you will wipe all the ornaments with a clean cloth.

Then once the furniture and ornaments are cleaned, your work plan should include sweeping and vacuuming the floors in all the rooms, that is, starting from the back to the front of the house, you will sweep and vacuum all the rooms.


Cleaning the bathroom is one of the least pleasant tasks, but it is essential to do it with great dedication and care.

For this reason, put on a pair of gloves that you will use exclusively for this cleaning. Clean the outside of the toilet using a sponge soaked in hot water and disinfectant.

Without drying what you just cleaned, continue with the interior of the toilet with a deep cleaning on the internal edges, brush the entire base and let it soak.

After a few minutes you can add water and when you have finished with the internal part, you will dry the external surface with a dry and clean cloth.

Continue cleaning the shower or tub. You can use a shower cleaner or detergent like the one you use to wash dishes.

Clean the entire base of the bathtub with the detergent or cleaner to remove the grease and dirt that always accumulates after each bath.

Then you will continue to clean the entire exterior of the bathtub with an antibacterial cleaner and the showers can be cleaned with car wax so that the cleaning lasts a long time.

To clean the mirror and glass, use a spray glass cleaner. This will help you loosen stains and dust. But remember to rub hard, then you will dry it with a paper towel or newspaper, also applying pressure without fear of scratching.

Washing seems difficult to clean, but if you use a good spray cleaner and a sponge or bristle brush, you can leave it sparkling in a few minutes.

Well, simply spray the cleaner and spread it with force with a sponge, then you will let the cleaner act for a few minutes to eliminate all the bacteria and then you will rub the surface again to finish rinsing with hot water and dry them with a paper towel or with a clean cloth. You will use the bristle brush in case you need to remove stains.

Finish off the bathroom cleaning by wiping the floor with a floor cleaner and get on with your kitchen chore.

Kitchen: If your task includes washing dishes, do it with concentrated dish detergent, unless you can use a full-load dishwasher and put the dishes in immediately after using them, since cleaning will be faster, but keep in mind that the Dishes tend to wear out faster when they are washed in the dishwasher, therefore if you are a professional house cleaner, it is convenient that you wash them by hand as you should wash pans and pots.

Well, in the same way, you should wash all fragile objects such as glasses or glasses, since you must dedicate a lot of care to them.

Dry the dishes carefully because if you don’t dry them properly they will get stains or let them dry on a rack.

Microwave and oven:

It is important that you clean the microwave and oven frequently, especially after use, to avoid the accumulation of grease, bacteria and odors.

The oven can have a self-cleaning function, therefore you only have to remove the racks and place them to soak in soapy water while your self-cleaning oven completes the cycle.

Remove the ashes and apply a cleaner with a damp cloth.

But if the oven does not have the self-cleaning function, you will also remove the racks and place them to soak with soap and water.

You will need a oven cleaner, which you will sprinkle inside and let it sit. After the time indicated on the label of the cleaning product, you will remove it with a sponge.

The microwave You can clean it with a grease remover cleaner if you are a professional house cleaner or you can also place a mixture of water with lemon, dish soap and vinegar in a container, then turn on the microwave and let it work for a few minutes.

Then you won’t even need to clean it with a cloth because the dirt will be gone.

In the same way that you finished with the bathroom, you will finish with the kitchen by cleaning the floor with a cloth soaked in a floor cleaner.

In this way you finished cleaning the whole house, unless it has a patio or garden, then you will intersperse its cleaning depending on its location, because remember that you start from the bottom of the house forward.

Final tip for house cleaning

When the food sticks to the bottom of the pot, you should let it soak immediately after cooking and in this way you will loosen the dirt and therefore it will be very easy for you to clean it later with a sponge.

If you wash the dishes after they have been used, you will not have to soak them and you will not need to use force to remove the fat from the food.

You will only need to moisten the sponge with detergent and hot water to wash each plate on both sides and then you will rinse them very well with hot water.