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“How to Start Building a Contact List”

What activities does a networker do to build a contact list?

On the one hand it recommends products and / or services to build a customer base and on the other hand it invites other people to do the same, and in this way your business and income are doubled.

The new networker You will generally look for your source of customers and distributors / affiliates for your business in people you already know and those you do not know, either through personal contact or by being referred from an acquaintance.Build a Contact List

That is why it is important to start writing a list of your KNOWLEDGES. But pay attention to this …

Acquaintances form a wider circle than family and friends. They are the people with whom we have shared moments in our life. We will remember some of them and others will need to review old agendas, cell phone contacts, etc.

Today I want to help you remember all your acquaintances and for this, here is the following list:

Childhood and adolescence:

1. Relatives: parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc.

2. Garden: teachers, children and their parents.

3. Neighbors: friends and their parents

4. School: teachers, classmates and their parents, acquaintances from other grades.

5. Sports activities: coaches, teammates, opposing teams and their parents or relatives.

6. Extracurricular activities (English, music, school of fine arts, painting, etc.): teachers, classmates and their parents.

7. Summer vacation: neighbors, roommates, etc.

8. Excursion and travel: members of tour groups, guides.

9. Hospitals: medical staff, ward neighbors

10. Colleagues with whom you shared Hobbies.


11. Gym classmates and teachers

12. College or University: teachers, classmates, other students

13. Roommates on vacation.

14. Vocational training: teachers and classmates

15. Known for extracurricular activities

16. Sports club

17. Other institutes

18. Leisure: disco, gymnastics, etc.

19. Godmother and godfather


20. All workplaces: bosses, colleagues, colleagues.

21. First, second, Third love, his sisters, brothers, cousins, etc.

22. Services: hairdressers, manicures, pedicures, beautician, postman, shoemaker, masseuse, electrician, cleaners, vendors in clothes houses, computer technician (refrigerator, TV, washing machine , the microwave), people from the dry cleaners, bank employees, supermarket cashiers, lawyer, babysitter, Delivery Employees, everyone who sold you something, etc.

23. Father, Mother, brother / sister / s, aunt, uncle, godparents, friends

24. Relatives of the spouse.

26. Former husband, his relatives and friends

27. General practitioner, Gynecologist, Cardiologist, Maternity ward staff, Pediatrician

32. Parents of children in kindergarten and school

The list can be created as you see fit, either by place of residence, by proximity, etc.

I suggest you make a table in Excel with 5 columns in the following order: Name of the person, Phone number, Where do you know the person from, E-mail and a last column, so that if you do not have the data, include the people who can help you locate it.

Learn about some of the doubts or excuses that prevent us from approaching acquaintances:

– I don’t want to pressure my friends (You shouldn’t do it)

– They don’t have money or they have too much money – They are too young or old

– I don’t know what to tell them

– I haven’t seen him for 10 years

– They will laugh at me- They will not believe me, etc.

Some arguments why YES you SHOULD contact them:

– Your products or services could solve a problem or make life easier.

– You have a business to offer them an extra income (who wouldn’t want to?) And they can work together.

– Someone could contact them and recommend the same products, services or the business. Why not be you?

– It is easier to start a conversation with them.

– They know other people who need our products, services or business opportunity.

– To get rid of your fears.

– Etc. JUST DO IT!


Most of the people with whom we have shared moments of our life, it seems that we do not remember them but if we try to do so, their names will easily return to our memory.

To remember them you will have to Get all the old diaries, look at old photo albums or when you get together with friends, try to remember other friends.