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How to start an organic fertilizer business

If you think produce organic fertilizers, It is a good business opportunity to work within the agricultural sector, with the advantage that you can receive subsidies from the government.

Therefore, if you are sure that you will endure the strong smells of fertilizers, then you can establish your business without problems.

However, it is helpful for you to read some tips to start your business from scratch and build your profitable business in a short period.

Tips for starting a business and producing organic fertilizers

Investigation: In order to produce organic fertilizers and create a business, you must start from a study and research on the industry.

Do a detailed research to know everything about a company of this type in order to take advantage of the existing market for the sale of your products and to create new market channels.

In fact, if you sell these products in the United States, you must make sure that they do not contain traces of toxic metals.

Business plan for a company producing organic fertilizers

You have already decided to start your own company based on the production of organic fertilizers, then the moment comes when you must write your business plan, as it will be a document that will guide you to create and start your business.

The plan will consist of several strategies to be applied in the operation of the business.

Business registration: You must register the business and obtain your business permit and operating license.

Well, you will be starting a business that is highly regulated in USA, therefore, you will not be able to start it without first obtaining the approval of the USDA, the regulatory entity.

Therefore, you must register your company with the United States government and obtain the business permit and the operating license.

Business location: You should contact the nearest planning and zoning office to ensure that the location you have chosen for your business can be approved.

Well, you should think about establishing the company in an accessible place for agriculture, since in this way you will have a greater ease of access to the market and also consider easy means of access if you intend to export or distribute them outside your state.

In fact, you should establish your business in a place with a sufficient supply of organic materials, such as near pig farms.

The choice of the location of the production plant should be related to future production costs and its management, therefore consider certain factors such as:

  • It shouldn’t be too far from the farms.
  • For example, chicken, grass or pig manure have a large volume of water and their transport can be inconvenient if you locate your business far from the farm, because the cost of transporting these raw materials would increase.
  • However, it is not convenient that the farm is too close to your establishment because it could cause infectious diseases.
  • In turn, your establishment must stay away from residential areas because the production process will produce foul-smelling gases.
  • Therefore, it is recommended that you place it in flat regions with good ventilation, a low water table and without risk of flooding or displacement.
  • It should not occupy agricultural land and seeks to reduce energy consumption, think about the investment of the electrical supply system and also you should think about a location close to the water supply so that you can meet the production needs.

Raw Materials: You have several sources for the raw materials used in this type of production. Therefore, within your research you must find out the best raw materials and those that are most suitable for working with them.

For example, you can manage with slaughterhouses to collect animal waste or contact farmers to obtain bird waste from them.

And you even have another option by contacting the wastewater management authority, so you can collect them, since the important thing is that you ensure a constant flow of raw materials.

Well, your main objective should be the use of a variety of materials with organic materials, so during your research you will know this type of raw materials, how to acquire them, transport and shipping cost.

Keep in mind that in the production process, there are many common organic materials, because as a manufacturer you can choose the most abundant as the main raw material for your fertilizer,

For example, you can choose animal manure, peat and zeolite as your main raw materials.

In general, organic fertilizers containing organic matter and nutrients are necessary for the growth of crops and can be used as raw materials in the production process of organic fertilizers.

Packaging and distribution: Keep in mind that you must take care of the fetid smell of your production, therefore it is important that you think about a suitable packaging, even if you plan to export the product or distribute it to different regions and states.

Market and produce organic fertilizers

Commercialization: To the produce organic fertilizers And to start with the commercialization you must analyze the varieties of the crops in your local area, the annual production and the consumption of fertilizers as well as the preferences of the farmers in their application and the trend in view of the coming years.

You can also analyze the consumption of fertilizers, production, export and import from a study with data from recent years.

Then you will have accurate data on the development of the local and foreign market with a trend of its development in the future.

Then, you will find the most common organic fertilizer and the best-selling type, since you will know the frequency of use of organic fertilizer and you will establish specific objectives for each stage of sale, you will record sales and adjust the strategy.

Well, according to the sales performance and the trend, you can review the production plans, that is, if that production is related to sales.

The promotion: Because you are fooling yourself in a new production line for orgasmic fertilizers, your brand and products are not recognized. Therefore you should promote them including advertisements, promote online and also offline in local newspapers.

After sales service: You can differentiate yourself from other producers by offering an after-sales service, because once customers buy your product and encounter a problem, the staff of your company corresponding to the after-sales service must provide a personalized solution to each customer.

This service is important from the initial stage of your business, since in this way it will have a direct effect on the construction of your brand and also the feedback will be conducive so that you can adjust production and improve the quality of the products.