How to Start a Therapeutic Massage Business

A therapeutic massage business It is a profitable activity to become an entrepreneur with the opportunity to work independently as a healthcare professional or as an orthopedic doctor or chiropractor.

Well, massage therapists can provide a variety of services such as sports massages, therapeutic massages and other services of this type.

You even have the advantage of being able to accept insurance payments and private payments. However, you must follow certain steps to be able to open your business correctly, such as the ones you will read below:

Steps to successfully open a therapeutic massage business

Services: For open a therapeutic massage business you must determine the services you intend to offer. Decide on the types of massage therapies you will offer by considering a partner or hiring other therapists so that you can provide various massage services.

The physical place: As a licensed massage therapist you can choose to open a physical space as a place of sale and serve clients.

The name of the business: Choose a commercial name and if you decide on a fictitious name you must register it with the competent government agency.

The legal structure: You should contact the secretary of state’s office either online or in person to obtain information and determine what is the best legal structure for your business, since you can choose to open it as a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company.

EIN: You must request the employer’s identification number, you can do it from the internal revenue service website, since you will need this number to hire employees and open a business checking account.

Financing: If you open a retail business, you can apply for a small business loan through lenders listed on the Small Business Administration website.

But keep in mind that business loan lenders will ask for a written business plan and pro forma statement and will usually require a 10-40% down payment or collateral.

Sure: Contact a licensed insurance agent and ask about the types of insurance to protect your business from liability and negligence.

You should also ask the agent about obtaining health insurance and dental insurance benefits if you hire employees.

therapeutic massage business

You must protect yourself with a liability insurance Because a client can sue you because you or one of your employees caused him harm and in this case you will have protection thanks to your insurance.

If you rent a physical space, you must also have renter’s insurance, since if you do not have it and the building suffers any accident or a work equipment burns, the owner has no legal obligation to replace the equipment or any property of your property , as it will be your responsibility and even if you are the owner you must be insured.

Keep in mind that if you are self-employed you must provide your own health insurance coverage, buy disability insurance, as it will be useful for you in the event that an illness or injury interferes with your ability to work, since the administration of social security It can take a long time to make a decision on a disability claim, which is why disability insurance will fine you very helpful.

Business plan: The business plan is the first thing you should prepare, as you will include your goals on a timeline to help you determine the actions you need to take, as many investors and banks will want to see your business plan before providing funds to open your business.

Location: Your massage business can be successful, if you create a relaxing environment without looking for an expensive or elegant place,

You should only look for a physical place in an area with parking and easy access.

When looking for the location of your business it is also important that you carry out a market study. Well, you can simply tour the city to see if you have competition in the area.

Well, if you choose an area that is not saturated with businesses of the same type, you will maximize your chances of success.

Marketing and branding: When starting your business, you should think about a budget for marketing, customer service, branding your business, and networking.

Well, it is essential to help your business grow, as having a strong online presence, such as on a website, is essential for today’s market.

Licenses to open a therapeutic massage business

Certification and license: It is possible that if you want to open your therapeutic massage business you already have your certification and state license to practice massage therapy.

But if you do not have the certification, you must obtain it before starting your business, as they are not only required by law but they protect both you and your business and ensure a professional reputation.

In this sense, you can join the American Association of Massage Therapy, as it is a professional organization, which will give your clients professionalism and confidence.

At the same time, it will allow you to build your professional network and you will get help to be successful by keeping up with the new trends in your business.

Professional network: To create your professional network, think about attending local meetings and national conferences and requesting approval from BBB, Beter Business Bureau.

Health funds: Health funds, insurance plans and other organizations that offer discounts to your clients are important tools that help you attract clients especially when you are just starting out.

Finding yourself on these lists will broaden your reach and your business will be more attractive to your clients, because they will save money if your clients’ insurance, health fund and another organization is associated with your business.

The accounting: From the beginning you should make sure you have the proper accounting books and keep all receipts. Create bank accounts so that your business has its own bank account separate from your personal account.

While there are several online accounting programs that can help you keep track, you can also consider hiring a person to exclusively handle the books.