How to Start a School Cleaning Business

Open a cleaning company for schools It is a good idea as a startup, because most private and public schools outsource this type of service and therefore it is that you can obtain very good economic benefits.

However, you must know how to do it to receive all the possible benefits, so keep reading.

How to Start a School Cleaning Business

Before starting a cleaning company for schools you should do market research to be sure that it is a required business in your local community.

Call or visit the schools in your area and ask if they are satisfied with the cleaning service they currently receive and then you will have a good overview of the extra services that you can offer and that those schools are needing.

How to Start a School Cleaning Business

Business plan:

Write a business plan to help you set your goals and so you can develop a strategy by identifying the initial cost of your business.

If you do not know how to make a business plan, the United States Chamber of Commerce can help you with all the details of the writing and will even offer you instructions for you to choose the business structure of your business.

Well, the business plan is a step that should not be avoided, because the bank will request it if you need a bank loan, since when you need financing to open your business, lenders or financiers will need to read a business plan convincing to offer you the money you need.

Legal requirements:

When starting a business you must comply with all legal requirements, for this you can resort to the Local Chamber of Commerce to receive advice on the requirements and licenses that are necessary in your city.

Also, the Small Business Administration of the United States Department of Commerce can help you establish the structure of your business and comply with all tax and banking accounting standards, for example:

Commercial license:

Since you will surely need to open a business account in a bank, at the same time you will need the business license and even the presentation of the commercial name of your company or DBA and depending on your state you may require the payment of sales taxes, which you can find out in the Small Business Administration.


You can buy enough vehicles according to the number of employees you have hired and the number of clients who have hired your services.

You can start with one or two vehicles and then expand your fleet according to the demand of your services and the distance you have to travel.

You should also think that these vehicles should be part of the `promotion of your company, because you can paint the logo of your business with the telephone and the email address. In this way you will be conducting free advertising while you travel from one place to another from your business premises to the school that has hired you.

Actually like marketing plan You must include the transformation of your vehicles into a type of advertising that will give you the possibility of obtaining more contracts than you expect, since you can even use them while traveling to the schools in your city to deliver your business card.

Well, all kinds of advertising that you have at your disposal, use it because it will be part of your objective, that is, to capture the attention of your potential clients.

In fact, this is the best way to boost your business so that you can have the success you expect from the opening of your a cleaning company for schools

Tips for cleaning in nursery schools:

When you think about starting a cleaning company for schools, you must think that you will be offering your cleaning services to nursery schools, therefore you must follow certain concepts that are important for parents and for school administrators.

the staff: Cleaning a school requires a type of trained and experienced staff, since you must train your employees appropriately to perform the tasks. cleanup with conscience and also must be of your extreme confidence.

The cleaning time of a school:

Although you can offer a type of daily cleaning service with a flat rate or by the hour, you should think that the time will be extended to an extra cleaning at the end of the year or when the new school year begins, since the school will need your services.

In addition to this, during the year there are school events that also require cleaning the school on extra and special days, for example when the school calls a parent meeting or on graduation dates, the school will need your services, either before and after each event so that the school is always in the better cleaning conditions when the parents enter the place and when the students leave and enter the next day if the meeting is held at night, because your cleaning services with night shift is a service that you can consider as important.

Safety in services when opening a cleaning company for schools

When opening a cleaning company for schoolsIn addition to the fact that it is necessary that you have insurance that covers you from possible injuries and claims from your clients, it is also necessary that you think that it is a business that handles chemical products.

Cleaning products:

However, considering that you will be working in an establishment where children and adolescents attend, many schools prefer to hire companies that use ecological products and avoid the use of dangerous products.

Therefore your cover letter should prioritize the use of organic products explaining the reason why traditional cleaning products are not suitable for cleaning a school.


Before marketing your services, draw a map with the schools that are around your business premises so that you can focus on offering your services in your neighborhood, since in this way when you introduce yourself and assure them that your business premises are close to the institutionYou can say that you are willing to provide assistance whenever you need it with a single call.

Print brochures determining your services, as you can include cleaning windows, hallways, stairs, special cleaning before and after events.

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