How to start a school bus business

If you plan to open a school transportation businessIt is a good idea if you like children but without the need for the risk that a nursery implies.

Anyway, you must meet many requirements that you must meet to start your business according to what the law requires.

How to open a school transport business

You can open a school transportation business You can do it without having to buy or rent an office, because in a sector of your home you can install it and start working complying with the following requirements.

CPR certification:

You need to obtain CPR and first aid certification, since you must make sure that in any situation that is threatening to the life of children or any injury that occurs in children, you can act without errors.

In this way parents will feel safer when hiring your services since you will be a certified person in this area.

The certification encompasses a one-day training and can be taken by community colleges and local agencies.


Most states require that you obtain a fingerprint clearance when working with children.

Well, it allows a background certification and in this way it is known that you do not present a threat to work with children.

Because there may be the foolishness of more authorizations, you should consult state and local laws, but the important thing is that you know that fingerprints can be done in the local police department, in companies that provide this service or in agencies dedicated to it.


You must obtain the business license from your local city office and you will have to pay a small fee.

Sure: You will also need to buy an insurance policy, but the best thing for you is that when submitting the form to obtain the business license, ask the licensing department for advice and they will tell you the type of insurance you should obtain.

In fact, you will surely need commercial insurance because you will be conducting commercial operations but the requirements vary for each type of company.

Since if you establish an LLC you will not need as much coverage as if it were a corporation.

But you will need to insure the drivers and the employees, because the truth is that you must always keep the insurance policies active and up to date with the payment.


You will need a transport that is adequate to start the business, for example a bus or a minivan may be sufficient.

The important thing is that you think about the number of children you will transport, since knowing the number of passengers you can assess the need for one type of vehicle or another.

You should also consider the need to install emergency equipment inside the vehicle, install seat belts, locks for wheelchairs and a lift for the wheelchair in the side door of the vehicle and an atomistic bottle opener for ease of entry and exit of the passenger.

You need child safety seats and check the state requirements for child safety equipment based on the child’s height and weight.

Well, you must include all the safety equipment that is required in the state for preschool and elementary school students.


To set the prices, you must analyze the distance you will travel daily, the number of children you will take in the vehicle so that you can offer a good price and achieve a good profit margin.

You should also consider a budget for the maintenance of the vehicle and the commission of the institution.

Customer service:

Always consider the attitude with which you offer customer service to satisfy the child, the parents and the school.

Well, parents are interested in punctuality, the safety of school transport and for this reason they stop their attention on the responsibility that you demonstrate, since everything that has to do with the child during their transport will directly involve you

Children also seek entertainment and comfort during their transfer, so consider the need for your vehicle to offer air conditioning and entertainment.


Once you have obtained all the licenses and bought the transport, it is time for your business to reach the ears of your potential customers.

For example, you can approach parents when they wait for children to leave school or in places where they play sports.

For this you must have the promotional material such as business cards and flyers and place them where you know that parents will see your promotion and then you will wait for the phone to ring with the first customer.

Tips for Opening a School Transportation Business

The school transportation business It is a good idea because on weekends you can continue working by programming excursions or trips to tourists.

When you do the promotion, focus on the parents who have their children enrolled in private schools and also promote in the visa agencies, as it is a way that you can filter and focus on your target audience.

If instead of opening the business at home, you plan to buy or rent, then it is best that you look for a commercial premises near the schools or in a central area.

In any case, you do not need an office that is too large, because you just have to stop to think about enough space for the vehicles and make sure to install a closed circuit television and alarm system for your safety, that of the staff and your vehicles.

You should also think about hiring employees, as you will need monitors, managers, cleaning staff, and an accountant.

It is estimated that opening this type of business requires an initial investment of 1,290 dollars and you will have a profit margin that can vary between 26 and 28%

Beyond the initial profit and investment, human capital is a priority, and to say that you should pay special attention when you hire employees who will maintain contact with children, since it depends on your success with your business, since children should feel insurance and that security will be transmitted to their parents who are the ones who will hire you or reject your service.