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How to start a roofing or roof repair business

To start a business roofing or roof repair It will involve many of the procedures that any business needs to start, but your legal licensing needs are specific.

Planning for the roofing or roof repair business

The business of roofing or roof repair requires proper planning by following the steps provided below:

Business plan for roofing:

The business plan for your roofing company is of vital importance for you to be successful because it will help you to lead it for its start-up, thinking about financing with the operating procedures of your new business.

On business plan It is a detailed report that describes each business issue. Many times it includes the mission and structure of the business, the price list, the financial information, the marketing strategy, advertising and any information that is conclusive for the success.

For example, if you plan to obtain a financial loan for part or all of your business, you will need to create a formal business plan.

For this it is convenient that you hire a business consultant or at least request free advice in the administration of small businesses in the United States

Financing is a very important part of the business plan because when you start paying for your services you will receive it once you have finished with the work, for which it is estimated that you will need at least 20,000 dollars of financingn to start your business.

The best way to finance your business is through personal savings, but you can qualify for a line of credit from a financial institution if you show good grades and have a good business plan in place.

Permits and licenses for roof repair business:

Business permits can be obtained from the city government. Your local government may also require zoning approval and safety inspection if you plan to operate your roofing business in a location other than your home.

The registration of state taxes, sales permits and business structure procedures for partnerships, corporations or limited liability companies can be requested through the state website.

If you hire helpers, you must request the taxpayer and employer identification number through the Internal Revenue Service website.

State contracting license:

The state contracting license for roofers and general and special contractors is obtained from the business regulation department or the state licensing office.

Each state has different procedures and requirements for certifying roofers, so you may require more than one license, depending on the type of roofing work you do.

On the other hand, licenses generally must be renewed periodically and you may even need continuing education according to certain special hiring disciplines that you must qualify for each renewal period.


The equipment you need will vary according to the type of roofing work, but you should include a suitable vehicle and other tools such as scaffolding, ladders, and safety equipment that are essential for roofing.

You will also need to acquire certain tools that are generally expensive and heavy equipment such as hydraulic lifts and cranes, that instead of buying them you can rent them,


Depending on each state, you will need to manage business liability and worker’s compensation insurance, since the roofing industries is a very dangerous profession and therefore the insurance will protect you, your company, your employees and your clients. .

Even when doing large jobs, a bond may be necessary, as it is often required as a condition of certain contractor licenses in certain states.

In fact, starting a company of this type means a great responsibility and although there are different insurance requirements for roofing companies according to each state, to guarantee the protection of your company in the event of an accident or a lawsuit you should think about the different types of sure you may need.

For example, general liability insurance covers damages and injuries to third parties other than your employees.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers work-related injuries for employees.

Professional liability insurance helps you protect your business from legal claims.

With vehicle insurance you protect the vehicles you use in your work

The office:

You will need to think about a physical location to install your office and plan the schedules and generate the invoices, since if you do not have space in your house you will have to rent that physical space or share an office and you will also share other questions such as internet service, lines telephone etc.

Hiring employees: Working alone is not a viable option to start your business, as you will need one or two employees at least in the beginning and as your business grows you should think about hiring more employees.

In this sense, it is an advantage that you think about independent contractors, because they pay their own taxes.

Marketing for the roofing or roof repair business

When you start your business from roofing or roof repair You must have a strong marketing plan in mind knowing the perfect way to reach your customers from the beginning.

Remember that all people get advice by asking their friends and family before hiring a roofing service, therefore if you get your first clients to speak well of your work, you will get many new clients thanks to referrals.

If you get good references, your business will grow exponentially thanks to the satisfaction of your customers and you will even be building your commercial roofing brand.