How to Start a Home Manicure and Pedicure Business

There are dozens of people who have a license to fix nails and they are good at it. But it is increasingly difficult to find a job in this area in a reputable salon that pays you well. The good news is that you don’t have to work for anyone, you can go into business for yourself. To make a toast manicure service (manicure) and pedicure (pedicure) It can be a deal profitable and that can be carried out from home as a home service.

Your clients can be from busy professionals, housewives with little time available, people who reside in nursing homes, patients who have been in the hospital for a long time, the elderly, etc.Manicure and Pedicure at Home

How to Start Your Home Manicure and Pedicure Business

This article will tell you how to start this business from home and with very little startup expense. The first thing The only thing to do is make sure you have multiple copies of your license available. You will also need a receipt book, and an appointment book or planner. The next thing you will need to do is set the phone number for your business. If you don’t want to use your home phone number, you might want to invest in an additional line, or use a cell phone only for business purposes.

Another suggestion is to create a web page and an email address. You can find a free service for this and it will allow your customers to contact you at any time. Email also works well because it gives you documented proof of what the customer requested. Sometimes people change their appointments or forget them so be sure to save all your messages and emails.

Then you will need to make sure that you have all the supplies you need, as well as a bag to carry them. For this type of business, it may be a better idea to travel to the person’s home or office to get their manicure done. Not only will it free you from having too many people coming and going, but it will also help you get more customers. How? Just think about it for a minute. Which is easier, having someone come to your house to do your nails, or having to go to a salon to receive this service? People love the idea of ​​having their own manicurist available with one call.

The last thing you need to do is promote your home manicure and pedicure business. Be creative, don’t wait for clients to come to you, look for obvious and unusual opportunities to get clients, people who have a hard time reaching a room full of waiting people. Spread the word, you can start by making business cards or business cards, and distribute them to laundries, dry cleaners, and your local grocery store and area offices. You can also make use of word of mouth marketing, your friends are usually your first customers and with this you can extend the circle to your friends’ friends and co-workers.

Providing exceptional service will guarantee you a steady healthy income and a steady clientele. Your potential earnings could be in the range of $ 25 to $ 45 per hour. Make sure you keep good records of your income, you will need them when filling out your tax returns.

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