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How to start a cleaning company in Mexico

Creating a business is the dream of many people as a way to become independent and in case you want to learn how to start a cleaning company in Mexico, you should know that it is also a good business.

Well, most people do not have enough time to dedicate themselves to cleaning their own home or office, therefore you can start a very profitable business if you comply with everything that Mexican law requires.

Step by step to learn how to start a cleaning company in Mexico

Solves how to start a cleaning company in Mexico following this step by step:

Step 1: Prepare a business plan including your idea of ​​how you want to carry out your business and what you will do to achieve your goal, in this way you will have with you a guide to the future of your company and it will also serve you in the event that you need financing.

Step 2: Think about what cleaning services you will offer to your potential clients, since you can choose to clean homes, offices, shopping centers or specialize in certain types of cleaning.

Step 3: Think about what you want your company to be in the future, it is the vision of your company, your dream projected over time, because it will be your mission to carry out this project according to the vision set.

Step 4: Establish the action plan to realize your objectives both in the short, medium and long term.

Step 5: Establish a plan to measure results and you must be faithful to that plan for a whole year without modifying it.

Step 6: Analyze other cleaning companies, which being your competition will help you create your business plan.

Step 7: Legalize your company, because in Mexico the procedures to open a business are very simple and fast, so you should not ignore the legality of your company.

Step 8: In the SAT or Tax Administration System you must register your business either by calling or online reserving a virtual appointment.

How a cleaning company works

According to statistics, in Mexico 80% of cleaning businesses are informal, but there is also formality that reaches more than 4 thousand companies.

Although you can do the paperwork on your own, you can also get advice from an accountant. Anyway, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You need the CURP.
  2. You need the professional certificate or valid passport.
  3. A proof of your tax address.
  4. The charter of your company.
  5. You must have two options in mind for the name of your business, since if the first option is not available you can use the second to carry out the registration process of your business and you must also have the estimate of annual income.

How to start a cleaning and maintenance company

To create a cleaning and maintenance company you must follow almost the same steps as above:

  1. Establish the business plan as a guide with steps that will help you successfully navigate the path of your company towards the future, for example you can think about the repair and maintenance of company facilities and / or homes.
  1. Identify the personnel that you will hire as employees of your business, taking into account their age, physical and professional aptitude to be able to start your business.
  1. Think about the services you will offer, such as the maintenance of the housing facilities, including plumbing services, painting, electricity, etc.
  1. You can offer comprehensive maintenance by moving to the client’s home according to the frequency established between the two without the need for you to receive a call, because in this way you will also be offering preventive maintenance.

How much does it cost to start a cleaning company

While to solve how to start a cleaning company in Mexico You do not need too much capital, you can receive financing from the Institute of the Entrepreneur of the Ministry of Economy, because if you qualify, it can help you with the purchase of the work equipment.

In fact, your necessary initial capital would vary depending on whether you think about renting or buying a commercial space to use it as an office and supply store.

You must also register your business with the public registry of property and commerce of the state, which has a cost of 890.15 as a minimum and 8932.60 as a maximum.

The declaration of opening of the business is a process with a quick response, prior to having obtained the zoning permit and its cost is free.

Then when registering your company in the SIEM, which is the entity that groups all the companies in Mexico and therefore its registration is mandatory.

For registration, you can request that an operator visit the address of your company or go to the entity and provide your company data at the corresponding window.

The fee for the registration process in SIEM is determined according to the number of employees you have hired.

For example, up to 2 employees hired you will pay a rate of $ 100, but if you have hired 4 or more employees, you will have to pay a rate of $ 640 or if you hired 3 or fewer employees you will pay a rate of $ 300.

In any case, the opening of a company in Mexico with an initial capital of a minimum of $ 50 thousand, will cost you about $ 30 thousand that will cover the articles of incorporation, the registration of the business name and the registration of your business in the federal registry of taxpayers.

All these procedures will take you about 46 days without including the property registration whose cost is 6% of the property price and will take you about 48 days.

However, the price varies according to each state, since there are cheaper and more expensive states to open a business in Mexico.

For example, if you open it in Aguascalientes, you will have to carry out 8 procedures that will cost you $ 5500 and you will pay 3.2% on the value of the property.

To these values ​​you must add the cost of supplies and equipment that you will use to fulfill your cleaning services.