How to start a children’s party organization and decoration business

If you think of a business to do Children’s party decorationThere are many things to think about, as preparations begin early in the morning for an afternoon party.

You will also have several meetings with the client to work out the details of the party. In fact, your business can be expanded to prepare food with cakes and once you have finished with all the preparations you will just go to where the party takes place and begin with the decoration, as you may also need to coordinate with a entertainment service provider such as clowns that will be on site.

Considerations for decorating children’s parties

If you think about the Children’s party decorationAs part of your business, you should consider several issues before starting:

First: Decide if you will have an office or a store, because if you have a physical space it will give you credibility and you will be able to display and store your work equipment although it can be somewhat expensive to rent or buy a commercial property is a matter that you must consider as a benefit to attract to the clients.

SecondConsider the different services you plan to offer. You can provide games and activities coordinating with other party professionals such as face painters and clowns and you may even need to supply a DJ, because the more options you provide, the more customers you can attract even though having special equipment may be expensive when you buy it.

The schedules of children’s parties

Keep in mind that children’s parties dream of taking place on weekends and normally last between 4 and 5 hours, however it is likely that your store will be open during normal business hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cleaning the place and the organization can take you 2 hours and you should calculate additional hours during the week to keep track of your inventory and meet with the client.

Equipment and supplies to get the business going

To start the business you need a commercial vehicle to transport the equipment and supplies, helium for the balloons, thematic presentation materials, costumes, an air compressor for the inflatable tents and toys, among others.

Monthly expenses and operating costs

In addition to common business expenses, you should consider that when planning the party you will require a budget for the ongoing cost of equipment rental, activity supplies, permits, etc.

Legal aspects to open a children’s party decoration business

You should also consider the cost of the legal documents you need to open your business in Children’s party decoration, for example:


You may need a catering license and meet medical inspection requirements if you serve self-made food and beverages.

You should also investigate the need for you to obtain an insurance policy that will insure you in the event of setbacks at a party.

Approximate cost of starting the business

Although the costs can vary, the average to open your business can be less than 2,000 dollars.

The name of the business

Choose a name for your business that is unique, attracts potential customers, and has a web address available.

Use the trademark search tool of the United States Patent and Trademark Office to verify possible names, because if the name you chose is similar to one already registered, it is better to choose another.

Well, you may need to register your business with your state or county government, so check your local business laws.

Business registration

You need to register your business. Check state and local business laws to determine if your business requires a permit, license, or registration.

In addition to collecting taxes, party planners in the United States are generally not subject to any special type of business registration.

However, be sure to check your state and local government policies before starting your business. You can help you do this with the website of the United States Small Business Administration.

The configuration of your office

Even if it is minimal space, you will need it to do the job effectively, as you must have a personal computer and printer with you and a special place to store party supplies away from dirt and a large closet or compartments to organize equipment .

You can rent a space in an office or a meeting room temporarily when you meet with a client.

Many professionals even work from home and meet clients in public spaces such as a restaurant or coffee shop.

Differentiate yourself from your competition

Set yourself apart from your competition by considering what types of services for infant fetas you can specialize in and compare the style with other planners within your area and when you advertise your services or meet with clients emphasize what makes you unique.

In the initial stage of your business you can plan a variety of different types of parties and as you gain reputation you can begin to focus on specific types of parties and become a specialist.

The rates

Correctly establish the prices of your service, since the rates of children’s party organizers range from $ 12 to $ 150 per hour. In order to establish the price you must consider several factors such as location.

Find out the rates of your competitors so that you have an idea on how much to charge. In general, areas with a high cost of living will result in higher hourly rates.

Also consider your experience, since if you have previous experience you can opt for a higher rate than the one that is just starting, but to attract customers you may have to start by charging a low price and increase little by little over the years when you start to gain reputation.

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