How to start a business teaching Spanish online

You’re thinking about teach spanish onlineWell, it is a good business if you know how to handle it correctly and have the tools to teach at a distance.

In fact, in principle you will find yourself teaching online through Skype as the main tool to start your business, but for you to be successful with your business you must respect certain rules that are essential so that you can teach foreigners online with a certificate that guarantees your knowledge of the foreign language and finally you can teach from home. All this you will know below.

What do I need to teach Spanish online?

1.To teach spanish online successfully, you know that you need Skype to communicate with your students.

  1. Of course you must have a computer with a broadband internet connection.
  2. To communicate and be able to teach the classes to your students, you need a headset with a microphone and a webcam.
  3. Your level of Spanish must be fluent.
  4. You require a license or certificate issued by the state.
  5. Keep in mind that some states will require you to have a master’s degree.
  6. You must have communication skills, organization, instruction in addition to basic knowledge about computer science.
  7. To be able to dedicate yourself to teaching Spanish online, your knowledge of the Hispanic language must range from writing, reading, grammar and having a good public speaking skills and knowing how to listen and speak with excellence.
  8. You must also know how to apply creativity, because as it is not a face-to-face teaching with physical materials, you must be as creative as possible to transmit your knowledge to students who do not know the language.
  9. It is mandatory that to teach Spanish you can demonstrate your reading and speaking skills in both English and Spanish.
  10. You must know how to do a good planning of the lessons to teach your students through activities and exercises so that they acquire knowledge of Spanish.

Requirements to start a business to teach Spanish online

If you want to teach Spanish online after opening a business, you must comply with the requirements that the law requires, therefore pay attention because they are fundamental steps:

Step 1: First of all, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree through an education program in Spanish that will allow you to develop skills in pronunciation, phonetics and conversation.

At the same time, you can take additional courses that are based on the study of Spanish-speaking customs, cultures and literary works, including linguistics.

Upon completion of your education, you will earn a state teaching license.

Step 2 : You must also obtain a teaching certificate as a Spanish teacher, but it will depend on your state and its requirements.

Step 3: After you obtain the license in Spanish education, you will complete an internship prior to obtaining the state license, as it is possible that after you get certified you will need to pursue a master’s degree in Spanish.

How to teach Spanish to foreigners online

It has many opportunities to teach Spanish to foreigners online for example:

  1. You can access companies that seek to hire tutors or teachers online.
  2. Schools are also expanding in the search for online teachers offering virtual classrooms, therefore you can teach in both public and private schools, since virtual teachers are sought by both institutions.
  3. But you must know that you will acquire responsibilities such as respecting the schedule imposed by the institution, evaluating the progress of your students and discussing with their parents.
  4. You can access as long as you have a teacher’s credential.
  5. However, it is not necessary that you limit yourself to teaching in companies or schools, you can also create your own business by creating content on YouTube by monetizing your teaching videos.
  6. Take lessons is a platform where you can create your profile as a tutor and you will appear in the list of teachers when students browse this platform. You set your rate and availability.

The platform even sends you email alerts so you can create your blog with topics that students require.

What is the certificate to teach Spanish as a foreign language?

You require a certificate to teach Spanish as a foreign language because:

  1. You need to show that you understand the structure of the language, the culture and all the contents involved in the Spanish language as a teacher.
  2. Only from a certificate will you show that you have command of the language with a consequent work in linguistics, dedication and that you have become an effective teacher of Spanish.
  3. To obtain the certificate you must demonstrate your knowledge of literature from Spanish-speaking countries, art, history and geography of Spanish-speaking countries.
  4. As a certified teacher, you show that you understand the differences that exist between Spanish-speaking countries including their culture, attitudes, rituals, gestures and greetings.
  5. With your certification you offer a guarantee as a teacher since you have the tools for education.

How to obtain the certificate to teach Spanish as a foreign language?

  1. As a potential teacher, you will enroll in a preparation program that will end with a teacher knowledge and skills test.
  2. While the certificate and its standards differ from state to state, it generally requires teaching styles, content knowledge, language understanding, speaking skills, and full subject matter understanding.
  3. To obtain the certification you must demonstrate the ability to communicate efficiently in Spanish, know how to speak about common topics such as hobbies, school, home and events.
  4. You must apply a correct use of prepositions, questions, problematic verbs, etc.
  5. You must show that you have enough capacity to be able to lead a class, know how to narrate, explain, describe and apply a good use of present, past and future verbs addressing your students.
  6. In the certification process you will listen to recordings of Spanish speakers with conversations and you will have to make the corrections or describe the situation, vocabulary and expressions.
  7. You must know how to analyze, correct and identify the grammar and pronunciation of oral Spanish including registration errors, slang, etc.

Step by step to teach Spanish from home

To teach Spanish from home, he can guide you through the following step by step:

Step 1: Create an educational blog, start with an easy platform for example in WordPress. Once you have created the educational blog, choose the attractive name and set a schedule for the publication of content.

Step 2: Create an online course to sell it and obtain income with the idea of ​​selling the complete course or selling it by sections.

Step 3: You can offer your course on Amazon Kindle, you can publish your course and then sell it for the price you set calculating your expenses and your goals.

You can divide the course into several books or into modules of different levels of the language.

Step 4: Stream live video by recording content. You market your brand to get followers and increase your chances of views.

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