How to send a package within the United States

Know about the shipping packages within the united states it is important to you when you need Send a package as a gift to a friend or relative and you are looking for a cheap service even though if you have bought a product in an online store, you previously know the shipping rate.

But there are several sites that you can use to send packages within the United States and you can calculate it easily and quickly, you want to know how to send a package? Then keep reading and you will realize that it is simple and fast, because above all it will interest you if you opened an online store.

Shipping packages within the united states by USPS

  1. USPS is the United States Postal Service that helps you with shipping packages within the united states, you can send packages and also money.
  2. Although the USPS provides you with a box so you can store what you want to send by mail, you can provide the one you want knowing that the mail will measure it and the package cannot weigh more than 70 pounds.
  3. You must write your address and that of the recipient correctly and completely with a permanent marker or with a pen with capital letters.
  4. If applicable, you must write the word Perishable or fragile in a visible place on the box.
  5. Avoid additional payments, delays in the delivery of the package and postage charges by adhering the postage that corresponds to the shipment of the package.
  6. Keep in mind that the box must be large enough so that the products remain cushioned inside it and cannot move during transport.
  7. Apply tape to close the box, reinforcing the joints with another 2 ”wide tape without using cords or ropes to tie it.
  8. If the postage is correct you can deliver the package to a post office in the lobby mailbox or deliver it to the postman.
  9. You can protect your shipment with Global Express Guaranteed insurance with coverage of up to $ 100 if the package is lost or damaged, and you can even purchase other insurance for up to $ 2,499.

Shipment of packages within the united states by FedEx

If you need to send a light package within the United States, you can do it by FedEx SmartPost as an inexpensive service that reaches all addresses in the United States including PO boxes because it uses USPS for final delivery.

  1. FedEx SmartPost is the service used by retailers with online stores.
  2. You can ship packages up to 130 ”in size with a maximum weight of 70 pounds.
  3. You can send your package knowing that delivery can be on a Saturday without being charged a surcharge.

Tips on shipping packages within the United States

You have started in electronic commerce, you thought about the marketing strategy and your business is already launched, but you thought about how you will send the products of your online store, what is convenient for you?, Because shipping also requires a strategy and is of the utmost importance that you consider it as essential for your ecommerce to be successful.

  1. For example, if you register with FedEx, with FedEx Business Center you can manage all the shipping information online.

You can choose the FedEx same day service, which is available 24 hours a day and every day of the year so that your package can be delivered within the same city in a few hours.

For example, if the distance is 0 to 15 miles, the package will arrive at its destination in two hours, while if the distance is 16 to 35 miles, the package will arrive in 3 hours.

If the distance is 36 to 45 miles it will arrive in 4 hours. If the distance is 46 to 60 miles, it will arrive within 5 hours and if the distance exceeds 60 miles, the package will arrive within 7 hours.

If you are interested in this FedEx Same day service you must have your FedEx account number, create a unique user ID for FedEx Same day city.

You can also choose FedEx First Overnight service to have your package arrive in the morning or afternoon of the next business day.

It will arrive at noon of the next business day or in the afternoon of the next business day when the destination address is in a remote area of ​​the United States.

Saturday package pickup and drop-off is available at an additional charge, but you should find out if the service is at your location by calling 1-800-463-3339.

  1. If you prefer UPS, UPS Business Solutions offers you so you can manage shipments, track packages, schedule billing service and you can also schedule package pickup time.
  2. If you set up an account in USPS, you have the USPS Business Gateway and get several useful tools for your business such as labels to print and place on packages and tracking shipments among other important functions for your ecommerce.

With Click-n-sip you can pay, print and ship from your home or office and you can even order the boxes for free, print the shipping label and schedule the collection of the package online.

You can also create batch shipments and save your preferences to make your next shipment easier.

Once you pack your product and it is ready to be shipped, you print the shipping label along with the postage and if you want to schedule free collection of the package from your home or office.

In the event that you want the package to be picked up on a specific date and time, you can request it with a fee.

Keep in mind that you qualify for the included insurance if you meet certain requirements such as that the package contains a barcode, because you should also know that the insurance does not have coverage for certain products

Parcel from the United States to Mexico

If you want to export packages from the United States to Mexico, you can do it through Upela. It offers you a shipping service for commercial products with customs duties with the appropriate packaging depending on whether they are fragile products or not to be sent by express transport.

Costs to send packages within the USA

For him shipping packages within the united states both USPS and UPS and FedEx offer you an online calculator of postage and shipping costs. You can receive an exact quote if you have the address of the destination of the package in addition to indicating the arrival date of the shipment.

You must enter all this information in any of the sites you choose to send your package and you will receive the price of the shipment together with the estimated arrival date and other services offered by the company.

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