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How to report grocery stamp fraud

This post shows you how you can Report fraud with grocery stampsto make sure SNAP is available for those who really need it most. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programhelps over 47 million struggling Americans get healthy meals for their families.

For example, suppose you start a new job in a supermarket and watch an employee exchange cash for a customer’s EBT card. This process corresponds to the definition of fraud. You can proceed to report the fraud activity.

Report fraud with grocery stamps

Retailers can also be found guilty of fraud if employees purposely purchase SNAP benefits for cash, or if they sell groceries for SNAP benefits that are not eligible for the program. You can read our previous post on Eligible Groceries You Can Buy With Grocery Brand Benefits.

Before you report a grocery stamp fraudMake sure you have enough detail to ensure an effective investigation. The information required includes:

  • The names and addresses of the people involved
  • Name and contact information of all retailers involved
  • The specific actions that you think are fraudulent.

How to report food stamp / food fraud scams

Follow the step-by-step guide below to report a large-scale fraud.

  • Just contact the USDA Inspector General’s Office Call 1-800-424-9121 and file a fraud report of any kind.
  • The OIG also accepts fraud reports by emailing [email protected] Additionally, you can write out the details of your report and mail it to the US Department of Agriculture’s Office of the Inspector General at PO Box 23399, Washington, DC 20026-3399.
  • You can do that too Report fraud with grocery stamps online at
  • As soon as you contact the OIG, you can provide your name and contact information or remain anonymous. You can also choose to keep your name confidential, which means your name will be known to OIG investigators but no one else will.
  • After completing your first report, investigators may have more questions for you as they proceed with their investigation.

Report individual fraud

Individuals can be guilty of fraud by selling their services for cash or allowing someone else to use their EBT card. To submit your report, you will be given details of the activity that you believe is fraudulent and also identify the information about the person who committed the act.

You shouldn’t Report fraud with grocery stamps unless you are very sure. This is because your government agency will treat your claim as legitimate if you have important information about the people involved and their activities.

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In the meantime, you must report individual frauds to the government agency responsible for managing SNAP benefits. So, you must submit your report in the same condition as the person you suspect of fraud. You can call (800) 424-9121 or (202) 690-1622 or (202) 690-1202 (TDD).

NOTE: If you create a fraud report that you are unsure of against a specific person, you could face criminal prosecution yourself.