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How to Report and Replace Lost Pennsylvania EBT Cards

Without your Pennsylvania EBT Card, you will not be able to access your SNAP benefits to purchase groceries from stores that accept grocery stamps. This article on how to do it Report and Replace the lost Pennsylvania EBT card is for you if you have lost your card or the magnetic stripe on the back of the card is no longer displayed on an EBT terminal.

If your Pennsylvania EBT card is lost or stolen, you must request a new card immediately. This is to prevent potential food stamp fraud. Someone owned by you Pennsylvania food stamp card You may be taking advantage of your SNAP benefits to buy groceries.

Replace the lost Pennsylvania EBT card

This article gives you the opportunity to report and replace your lost or replaced one step by step stolen Pennsylvania EBT cardincluding the phone number to call.

However, if you notice or believe that someone has tried to use your card without your permission, we will also provide the contact information to Report fraud with grocery stamps.

How to Report and Replace Lost Pennsylvania EBT Cards

Follow the steps below to report and request a new Pennsylvania EBT card in the event your card is lost or stolen.

  • Report a lost or stolen EBT card

The first thing to do if your card is lost or stolen is to report to the EBT Helpdesk or the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare immediately. You can report the Pennsylvania EBT card lost or stolen by calling 888-328-7366.

Assuming you’ve called to report your card lost or stolen and requested a replacement Pennsylvania ACCESS card, the help desk or grocery stamp office will disable that card. Now the system no longer has multiple active cards for the same account.

  • Replace card from inventory

Since it is important to exchange your card as soon as possible, the office or help desk you called will usually have new local Pennsylvania EBT cards. You would get one to replace your old one.

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  • Replace card from inventory

A replacement card must be taken from the inventory of the food stamp office. Your information, including your PIN, must be added to the magnetic stripe of the EBT card. The card number and PIN must also be added to the system database and linked to your SNAP account.

  • Deliver new card to recipient

The help desk or grocery stamp office will now deliver the new EBT card to you as soon as it is ready. Once you have received the new card, contact the grocery stamp office to activate the card so you can continue to use your grocery stamp credit.

For the most part, this is your new one Pa EBT card arrives within two working days after notification of budget to government agency. However, the state can apply to the ministry for a waiver to allow a longer replacement period. In a situation where you need the card sooner, just go to the office to get your new EBT card.

You can Food Fraud Report in Pennsylvania by phone 800-932-0582.

We hope this article about how to do it Report and replace lost Pennsylvania EBT card was helpful. If you have any questions about the Pennsylvania EBT Card or grocery stamps, please let us know in the comments section below.