How to Report a Lost Georgia EBT Card

Only your Georgia EBT Card can access your benefits and purchase groceries from stores that accept grocery stamps. If your EBT card has been stolen or lost, you will need to file a report. Failure to contact you right away could result in a delay in accessing your benefits or in having someone with your card using your Georgia grocery stamp benefits to purchase items for themselves.

This step-by-step article will walk you through how to report lost Georgia EBT cards or stolen EBT cards. You can report your stolen or lost card online or call the EBT Helpdesk.

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Should someone try to use your card without your permission, you can report grocery stamp fraud by calling the contact number we provide on this page.

How to Report a Lost Georgia EBT Card

Follow the steps below to report your lost, stolen, or damaged EBT card.

  • If your card is stolen, lost, or damaged, first contact EBT Georgia Customer Service at 888-421-3281 | TTY: 844-622-4023 or your local grocery stamp office. To report grocery stamp fraud in Georgia call 877-423-4746.
  • Once you’ve called to report and request a replacement Georgia EBT card, customer service or grocery stamp office will deactivate the lost or stolen card so the system doesn’t have multiple active cards for the same account. This is done for security reasons.
  • Since you have new Georgia EBT cards in your inventory, they will reassign your old card’s information to the new replacement EBT card. This information includes your PIN (selected or assigned), which must be added to the card’s magnetic stripe.
  • The card information (card number, PIN) is then added to the database of the EBT system and linked to your account for grocery brand benefits.
  • Next, send your replacement EBT card to you. Once you have received the new card, you will need to contact the grocery stamp office to activate the card in order to use your grocery stamp credit.

It will take 2 working days after the budget is communicated to the government agency to replace the EBT card. Sometimes the state may request a waiver to allow for a longer exchange period. However, some states may charge a replacement fee, which is usually deducted from your food stamp. It is a good idea to ask them to check if there are any charges for requesting a new replacement card.

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