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How to Replace Lost North Carolina EBT Card

Lost or stolen your EBT card in North Carolina, or does the magnetic stripe on the back of the card no longer display on an EBT terminal? If your answer is yes, it is important that you replace them right away. Just read this article for information on how you can Replace the lost North Carolina Ebt Map.

If you do not report your lost or stolen EBT card, you will not be able to access your benefits. This will trick someone else who has your card into using yours Benefits of Grocery Brands in North Carolina Buying groceries for yourself.

Replace the lost North Carolina EBT card

Follow the steps below to report and replace lost North Carolina EBT card, even if it is stolen. Also, if you discover that someone has tried to use your card without permission, the contact information will be displayed to Report fraud with grocery stamps on this page. For more information on how to apply for Disaster Food Stamps in North Carolina, please visit here

Step Guide to Replacing Lost North Carolina EBT Card

  1. The first step is to report the card lost, stolen, or damaged to the EBT Helpdesk in North Carolina by calling the EBT customer service number at 888-622-7328 or visit the local grocery stamp office.
  2. Once you’ve reported your lost or stolen card and requested a replacement North Carolina EBT card, the help desk or grocery stamp office will disable that card so the system won’t have multiple active cards for the same account for security reasons.
  3. After replacing your EBT card, the information about the old card will be assigned to the new replacement EBT card. This includes your PIN (selected or assigned) to be added to the card’s magnetic stripe.
  4. Also, they add the information about the card (i.e. card number) along with the PIN to the EBT system’s database and link it to the grocery owner’s account for grocery stamps.
  5. Finally, the help desk or the grocery stamp office will deliver the new EBT card to you. Once you have received the new card, you will need to contact the grocery stamp office to activate the card so that you can continue your grocery stamp balance.
  6. Due to the importance of your EBT card for you, the state authority would have to replace the EBT card within two working days after the budget has been communicated to the state authority. However, the state may request a waiver to allow a longer replacement period.

NOTE: When you call to report your lost or stolen EBT card in North Carolina, ask them how long it will be before they get the replacement card.

Just call to report grocery stamp scams in North Carolina 866-719-0141.

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