How to repair credit and improve credit score

First of all you should know that the credit repair It takes time, you cannot do it quickly, because you will probably be seduced by the ways to repair it quickly but you will also find yourself in a counterproductive situation.

Therefore rebuild your credit managing it with time, repair it before improving your credit rating. To do this, follow these tips:

Tips for credit repair

  1. It starts with the credit repair Checking your credit report, because keep in mind that the credit score begins to repair from your credit report.
  2. Then you can request a copy of your credit report for free and check for errors.
  3. Well, it is possible that you will find errors in the list of late payments that are incorrect and in the event that you find errors, impug them in the credit office.

Credit Fixing Agencies

The credit bureaus to fix credit are CreditRepair, com, Sky Blue Credit, and Lexington Law. These three are the best agencies

Sky Blue Credit

With Sky Blue Credit and you must complete an online registration form and follow the instructions to obtain the credit report from three offices in the United States.

When you receive the credit report, they will be in charge of reviewing it, they write down your problems and present you the list with the articles that they identified for review and according to what corresponds they will provide you with a list with tips to optimize and rebuild the scores that apply to your situation.

They help you to contrast your articles with the credit bureaus and if the elements that are questioned are not corrected, new personalized disputes are carried out and designed to increase the probability that you will achieve the best result.

Lexington Law

Lexington Law, is made up of a group of consumer defense firms with 25 years of credit repair experience, you can make a free consultation by calling 1-855-200-2394.

It has different plans or programs with different functions such as personal finance tools and FICO score tracking. creates a personalized plan for you to achieve an ideal credit score. You can call toll free at 1-855-200-2393.

Ovation Credit Repair

Ovation Credit Repair, promises you to claim unlimited credit report items. You can get in touch by calling 1-855-393-3667.

You must pay $ 89 for the initial work and then $ 49 to $ 69 per month to continue the work and you can cancel the fees at any time. It also offers you a professional advisor for your particular case.

How to fix my credit through a credit bureau

You can fix the credit by going to a specialized agency, but when choosing it, evaluate its reputation and the fees, since the fees will vary depending on each agency and its characteristics.

You should also consider that credit repair can be quick but at no time will it be immediate, because when it comes to credit there are no immediate solutions.

In fact, credit repair can take anywhere from 6 weeks to a year, depending on the number of items on your report to dispute. For this reason, there is no single credit repair agency that can guarantee you to repair your credit in a month.

In any case, you should check for yourself your current situation because some agencies are in charge of extracting the reports but others will ask you to obtain them and be the one to send them yourself, because remember that you can obtain the reports for free once a year.

On the other hand, credit repair can be a good way to improve your credit score when it comes to an error that can be discussed, but if you have a poor score due to legitimate debts, credit repair is not the best. option.

Otherwise, if the debt is illegitimate, it is possible to dispute the error and you will get several points in a few months.

Credit repair in 30 days


  1. It allows you to register online.
  2. Once you sign up, you will receive an email asking you to follow the instructions and documents you need to complete to get started with credit repair.
  3. You should also get a copy of your credit report from all three bureaus, but if you don’t have a recent copy, they will help you get it.
  4. You will need to provide a government issued photo ID, proof of your current address, and a document with your social security number.
  5. Then you will receive your credit report and documents. Then a credit repair advisor will be in charge of analyzing all the details and making a list of the problems detected and will contact you.
  6. After the analysis, the dispute process will begin and 30 days after submitting the disputes, you will receive the results from the agencies with a summary of the eliminations.

Alpha Credit Pros

With Alpha Credit Pros you can remove all negative items in 30 days. They will charge you $ 59 per month, cancellable at any time and $ 95 one-time. They can reach you by phone by calling 1-800-530-7511.

However, you can also improve your credit score on your own in this way:

Step 1: Get your free credit report from all three agencies, you can get it from Credit Karma and Credit Sesame,

Step 2: With your credit report, verify the accounts that you have with a negative balance and highlight the delays in payments. You must also make sure that all this information is correct.

Step 3: Make the payment of your credit card balance. Depending on whether your credit card balance is zero or as close to zero as possible so you can improve your FICO score. In the event that you do not use a credit card, it is convenient that you obtain one to help you improve your credit score, since there are possibilities for those who have bad credit, because having a secured credit card improves your score and it is not very different from an uninsured one.

You can obtain it for example with a limit of 300 dollars, then you will pay a deposit that is refundable of 300 dollars as guarantee of the loan.

If 6 to 12 months pass and you pay on time, you can convert your account to an unsecured credit card and get your deposit refunded.

Step 4. Contact the collection agencies and tell them that you want to pay for elimination in the event that you have collection invoices with small balances. Then you will pay what you owe and remove the negative account from the credit report.

In turn, you must notify the collection agency to issue a letter of payment for deletion indicating that the agency accepts the elimination of the account from your report by paying the corresponding amount.

If you do not receive the written letter of payment for deletion, do not pay the collection account, because the payment for elimination is nothing more than an agreement for the payment of your debt.

Step 5: Check all the negative information on your credit report and when you submit the dispute request remember that the credit bureau has 30 days from receipt of the request to complete the investigation.