How to remove google samsung j7 account

You may remove google samsung j7 account in an easy way even J1, 2, 3 and 5, because although the protection of the operating system has increased a lot in the new versions there are always techniques or at least a single technique with the ability to circumvent it, so …

How to remove google samsung j7 account

In order to remove google samsung j7 accountFollow these simple steps because with an application you enter a new account and it is enough to bypass the protection with a firmware.

In fact, first of all you must have a firmware that is prior to the 2016 version, since if the version is updated, this process will not work, unless you flash it.

Step 1: Install Samsung SideSync on a Mc or PC and leave the program installed.

Step 2: From your mobile phone connect to the internet using wi fi.

Step 3: Once you connected via wi fi insert the USB data cable to the PC and then connect it to the phone and you will see a tab that allows you to select to open with Chrome. It will show if you have already installed Samsung SideSync.

Step 4: If the cable is working properly the window should be displayed, otherwise check it and if you find that the cable has no malfunction, then the problem is with the outdated firmware that you need to flash.

Step 5: When you chose to open with Chrome, remove the USB data cable and in the Chrome window click OK and Continue and then No, thank you.

Step 6: In the browser, look for the QuickShortCutMaker application in the address bar. Enter the first result you see and download it.

Step 7: When the download begins, allow 10 seconds to pass and click on the three dots that you will see in the upper right part of the browser and then choose Share.

Step 8: Email is an application that you will choose in the pop-up window and that is used to configure an email. Enter one that exists and does not belong to Gmail.

Step 9: On the screen you will see the following steps to finish the configuration.

Step 10: At the end of the previous process you will be in the mailbox where you will load the QuickShortCutMaker apk file, clicking on Attach.

Step 11: In the window that appears, then choose My Files.

Step 12: In My Files look for QuickShortCutMaker, it is an apk that you downloaded previously and that you will find in the download folder.

Step 13: Click on the file and then click on Done to load it.

Step 14: When it is already uploaded in the mail, click on the application to install it and choose Settings in the blocked installation window.

Step 15: The application can be installed by activating Unknown sources.

Step 16: You have already installed QuickShortCutMaker, then open it and choose Google Account Manager that you will find in the application options, but as you will see many options you will have to choose the one where you can enter your email and password, because it will specifically say write your email and password (you will find it under the captcha).

Step 17: Click on Test, then on the next screen click on the three points that you see in the upper right part of the screen and choose browser login and in the next window you will see Accept and accept.

Step 18: Enter the existing Gmail email and password and you can access that account because this account will start the session on your mobile phone.

Step 19: When you finish logging in, you will return to the options to restart the device. When you start again you will configure it so that you can see the account you entered with QuickShortCutMaker added.

Step 20: Now you can configure your mobile phone as you wish and delete the account you wanted to remove and you must restore it from Settings, never from hard set because if you do, you will have to repeat all the previous steps.

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