How to register a telcel chip

If you want activate telcel chipEither because you bought a new one or found one that you did not use and want to activate it, below you will know the steps you must follow to activate your chip.

How to activate telcel chip

To the activate chip telcel You will be activating the SIM card where your access to the service as a subscriber will be saved, access to the telephone network and since all the information of your subscription to the telephone network is saved, you can change your device by inserting the same SIM card into the new one, but how do you activate that SIM card? Follow these steps, it is very simple:

  1. Insert the chip to your mobile phone.
  2. Make a recharge of at least $ 50, you can activate it and you will receive a 7-day package
  3. Write the high word and send a text message to 4848, then the chip will be registered in your name.
  4. It is important that you send the SMS because otherwise the chip will remain deactivated and you will have to recharge the $ 50.

Activate new telcel chip online

If you want to activate your new chipTelcel online, handle it this way:

  1. You can activate it by going to
  2. You can also activate it by using another phone and calling 1-800-200-9518 (the customer service number)
  3. If you want to reactivate your phone, go to the same website, then enter the PIN, a MasterCard or Visa debit or credit card, your phone information and the zip code.
  4. The activation of your service can take from minutes to an hour,
  5. If it is a matter of transferring a Telcel number to a new Telcel phone, it will take 24 hours.
  6. But if you transfer a number from another provider to a new telcel phone, it can take up to 7 days and in the case of a landline phone the delay can reach 30 days.
  7. You will know if your Telcel chip is activated if it allows you to make and receive calls.
  8. Anyway, when you go through the activation process you should make a test call to find out if the activation was successful.
  9. If you bought a new telcel chip but you don’t know what your phone number is, you should request it from the seller of that chip and if they can’t provide it, call * 246.
  10. Although your intention will be to activate it immediately as soon as you buy it, you can wait up to 2 months.
  11. You should also know that as national roaming does not exist in Mexico by law, the chip will work in any state of Mexico with any side, you just have to check if the zone is 4g enabled.

Activate telcel chip and know unknown phone number

It is likely that in addition to wanting activate chip telcel, you do not know the phone number because the dealer did not tell you or because you found that new chip and obviously you do not know its phone number, but you can find out this way:

  1. Sending a collect SMS and inserting the chip into any mobile phone.
  2. Once the cell phone is turned on, it sends a collect SMS with the prefix * 033 to another telcel phone.
  3. That phone that you should have near you will arrive a message with a number that you do not know. The message will be free.

Activate telcel chip with number from another company

If the phone number was assigned by another company, you can transfer it to Telcel if the current service provider activated the number.

  1. Ask Telcel to transfer your number by going to
  2. Choose Activate my phone with the number transferred from another company and Telcel will process your request.
  3. The transfer can take a few hours and up to 7 days depending on the current service provider and up to 30 days when it is a landline phone.
  4. It is likely that when you want to activate your phone instead of listening to the ringtone you hear a pre-recorded message, in this case wait 24 hours and make another test call and if you continue with the same problem listening to pre-recorded messages, contact the customer service center. customer: 1-800-220-9518, always from another phone.

How to activate a new telcel chip

If you have bought a new telephone equipment with its new Telcel chip, it will already be activated.

  1. Take your phone and call any contact.
  2. Make the call last a minute or two for the phone’s status to change to active.
  3. Wait 2 to 24 hours for it to be registered by the system.
  4. Activate the services by dialing * 264.
  5. You can activate the free Telcel numbers at no cost for one time, then you will have to pay a cost according to your plan

Telcel customer service number

Although you can call the telcel customer service number: +52 55 5865 3148, if you want to know the bill of your telcel plan or the account statement you can do it through the internet:

  1. Go to
  2. You can contact telcel support by chatting online with an advisor from 7 am to 10 pm. Mexico city hours.
  3. You can also contact telcel customer support by email by completing the online form: Enter your name, your paternal surname, your maternal surname, your email address, indicate if you are a telcel customer with a Yes or No, choose your Status, enter the number of your mobile phone, choose the type of your query, if you communicate to congratulate, to make a clarification, to make a suggestion, to hire or to cancel.
  4. Finally write your query as detailed as possible.
  5. Check the I’m not a robot box and click submit.

Telcel customer service

As a telcel customer, you can call * 111 free of charge if you have a rental plan or * 264 from your Telcel Friend.

You can call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as the customer service center is available at any time of the day throughout the year.

When you call you can consult about the procedures or other information that relates to Telcel.


  1. Choose your state.
  2. Choose your modality between the rental plan or the friend system.
  3. Immediately the system will provide you with the phone number so you can communicate with any landline or mobile phone

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