How to prequalify for a credit in the Infonavit Safe Credit program?

If you want to know everything about the secure credit prequalification Because you are interested in prequalifying, the Institute of the National Housing Fund establishes a series of very well specified requirements to grant credit to workers.

Below you will find all the details that will interest you to see if you can qualify …

Requirements for prequalification secure credit

The secure credit prequalification It is established by the Institute of the National Housing Fund with the following requirements, since it only grants credits to:

  1. As a worker you can only receive INFONAVIT credits one time.
  2. As a worker you must be the holder of deposits in your favor by INFONAVIT, but you have not received financial support from the institution.
  3. All equipment or apparatus installed or to be installed in the home must use modern technology in order to save energy, which is known as ecotechnology.
  4. Consider the minimum wage obtained after multiplying the general daily minimum wage established by the federal district by 30.4.
  5. The home that you want to buy, improve, expand or build and even for which you seek to cover acquired liabilities must be located in an area with urban infrastructure with electricity and drinking water services, with a septic tank or drainage.
  6. The useful life of the home must be 30 years calculated from the granting of the loan and function as a guarantee of the loan
  7. It must be a home whose use is residential, as it cannot be a property intended for a commercial premises for accessories or products.
  8. The maximum value of the home is 350 times the value of the monthly minimum wage.

Obligations of the prequalification secure credit

  1. When the credit is formalized, a mortgage is constituted in favor of INFONAVIT with protection coverage on the payment of the credit.
  2. The mortgage is not constituted in the event that in the subaccount you have a balance greater than the value of the loan.
  3. The subaccount balance can be set as a down payment.
  4. As a worker you must contract payment protection coverage from a mutual fund with your own contributions.

Secure credit prequalification and how credit is assigned

  1. INFONAVIT assigns the credits according to the scoring system, choosing the workers with the most credit to be beneficiaries.
  2. There is no date limit for applying for the credit.
  3. The scoring system is applied regardless of the destination of the credit.
  4. Each locality has a required minimum score, type of housing and can stipulate the registration period of the applications to be applied according to the region, locality, municipality or federal entity.

Secure credit prequalification and score

The score is determined by the sum of the points that correspond to factors such as:

1.The integrated daily salary according to what is indicated in the second section of article 29 of the INFONAVIT law for workers.

  1. You get 16 points if you are a worker with a continuous contribution of between 6 and 12 bi-months.
  2. You get 23 points if you are a worker with a continuous contribution of between 13 and 15 two-month periods.
  3. You get 38 points if you are a worker with a continuous contribution of 16 bi-months or more.

Prequalification of secure credit and how to obtain credit

  1. You can start the process to request the credit and obtain it personally or through your representative who is accredited by the Institute.
  2. Your representatives can be the union organizations as long as they are accredited before the secretariat of labor and social welfare or labor authority.
  3. If your trade union organization has its accreditation before the secretariat in process, it must have the endorsement of the national union, the federation or the confederation.
  4. If you carry out the process through a representative, he must have your written authorization with your signature indicating that you give him your representation. That writing must attach a simple copy of your official identification with your signature and photograph.

What to submit for secure credit prequalification

As a worker, if you want to start with the processing of your credit you can prequalify in this way:

  1. Present your social security number.
  2. Your official photo ID can be your national military service card, your passport or voter ID.
  3. Your birth certificate.
  4. Your marriage certificate.
  5. Proof of voluntary savings payment.
  6. A proof that you participated in the workshop that guides people on the rights and obligations before INFONAVIT.
  7. A document that proves the capacity and legal personality of the seller of the property.
  8. A written document that indicates that the seller can sustain his offer to sell for a specified period of time.
  9. The current appraisal endorsed by an authorized institution where the value and characteristics of the home can be verified.

Infonavit secure credit prequalification

After you have submitted all the documentation and application for the secure credit prequalification:

  1. They will inform you what is the score you get.
  2. They will also inform you what is the minimum score that is required in the square.
  3. You will know the maximum value of the credit that you can access.
  4. After evaluating your score, you will know all the documentation that you will be required to present.

Infonavit prequalification

  1. The credit application together with all the required documentation will be submitted in original and a copy at the INFONAVIT offices, provided that you meet the minimum score required.
  2. You will be able to access the credit once the INFONAVIT completes with the verification of the application data

Purpose of prequalification credit safe

INFONAVIT establishes the following as the objective of the credits:

  1. Line of credit 2 refers to the acquisition of a room property that is financed or not by the institution.
  2. The credit line 3. Refers to the construction of a house.
  3. Line of credit 4 refers to the expansion, improvement or repair of rooms.
  4. Line of credit 5 refers to the payment of the liabilities that you acquire for some of the objectives of the previous lines of credit.

In any case, credits can be granted according to the available resources and that are approved by INFONAVIT.